Apple Music knows how to steal users from Spotify or Tidal: the Android app will make it easier to move all the songs

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apple music knows how to steal users from spotify or.webp.webp.webp

Moving between music streaming platforms promises to be easier with the latest innovation from Apple Music: an option included in its library promises to migrate all playlists from services like Spotify. This will end the main headache when changing the music app: moving all the songs.

The fights between the large music streaming platforms cause a problem for those who move between them to save money, take advantage of offers or to access new musical groups: taking all the playlists or playlists with them when they move. It’s not usually easy. There is apps that make the task easier, but there are always songs that end up missing. And Apple Music has decided to solve that in order to attract more users.

Goodbye to apps for migrating lists: Apple Music will now include the option

Apple Music Migrate PlaylistsNew option to migrate lists included in Apple Music Captures by Francesco

All of us who have been alternating our music streaming service have stumbled over the same stone: carrying around playlists so not to lose that set of songs and groups amassed over years. In my case, I have some key playlists for certain times of the day; so I cannot change my subscription if I am not able to move along with said lists.

Until now I have used applications that, after logging in to the old service and the new one, analyze each song one by one to locate it in the catalogs and thus add them to the new playlists. That’s why I think it’s so good that Apple has decided to include a transfer tool in Music: this not only privacy risks should be reducedit also makes it extremely easy to make the jump from services as popular as Spotify.

As he discovered Francesco on RedditApple Music is testing some users of the Android beta app (version 4.7) in the process of testing moving playlists from platforms like Spotify. This move is carried out from Songshift, an app that is free on iOS. Once you click on the option, which appears in the Apple Music settings, simply log in to the pre-installed platform.

The option is in testing within the beta and does not appear to all users: we have tried to activate it without success, even playing with the activities in root. It will be available soon to facilitate the jump to Apple Music for those who are deciding to give it a try on their Android. We do not know when the stable version of the application will arrive, At the moment its operation is limited.

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