iPhone 15 Pro and Pro max unpleasant surprises and bugs for first users

With its titanium edges, Apple fans expected a much more solid iPhone 15 Pro. The first returns show the opposite observation, the iPhone 15 Pro would be much more fragile than the iPhone 14 Pro.


The first people to order their iPhone 15 have already received it, and the feedback is not all complimentary. Many users have complained about issues with. The first affects all models and blocks the device when transferring data from the old iPhone. A problem recognized by Apple and which requires an iOS update .

The second problem is that the edges Pro and Pro Max models are particularly messy. Here again, the problem is recognized by Apple (only on the English support page for the moment), which advises cleaning them with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

The Pro and Pro Max models highly impacted

However, the problems continue, with many reports of manufacturing defects. This includes misaligned or scratched screens, dust in thecameras, or the presence of bubbles or discolored squares, as well as various damage. One “redditor”  even received an iPhone 15 Pro Max with a cracked glass case.

The YouTube channel AppleTrack carried out drop tests of the iPhone 15 Pro , which proved to be much more fragile than the iPhone 14 Pro, although it still withstood numerous drops. JerryRigEverything tested the iPhone 15 Pro Max and found that the titanium edges scratched very easily, and the glass cover is particularly fragile, cracking when he tried to twist the device. Finally, the latest problem is the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro due to an insufficient cooling system for the new A17 chip. Apple is reportedly working on an update to reduce this issue, which may limit the performance of the device…

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Fortunately, rumors that warned against using non-Apple USB-C cables turned out to be unfounded.