Goodbye to bad WiFi: the app to measure coverage with augmented reality

This new Orange app is used by its installers and is now available to everyone to use their AR in a very simple way.

With WiFi 7 just around the corner, it doesn’t hurt to review the strength of the WiFi signal in each room of the home to know if those problems in Netflix streaming or in online games they have a designated culprit. Now Orange has announced the availability of an app that makes this task easier thanks to augmented reality.

And there is nothing better than placing with the camera viewfinder several points labeled with augmented reality at home that each show the signal strength. In this way, if the router position is changed, the effect can be seen in real time with augmented reality when these points register any change in the signal.

It is precisely what this app called HIT Wi-Fi AR does which can be downloaded on Android to measure the signal strength. As the operator claims, it is an app that the company’s installers also use to precisely measure WiFi coverage levels in the home.

Image of augmented reality with HIT Wi-Fi AR from Orange

Is a very simple app in its behavior and from the tests we have done in EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre works quite well even with the use of augmented reality. Under this mode it is very easy to label several positions at home (several can be marked in each room) and thus from a broader view of all the saved labels, see them in augmented reality in a well summarized and clear way.

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When you start the app you can choose between two modes, one with a QR code and one without. The use of QR code is for installers and the second mode serves as simulation. It is precisely what the common user uses to verify that the signal strength in their home is adequate and that there is no problem in any of the rooms.

In fact, the app will notify you with an alert From the augmented reality mode the WiFi signal strength of one of the tags has been modified. Click on the notice and it will jump to that label with the modification in the intensity received.

This is the Orange app

The mode without augmented reality is very simple and it also allows you to save labels when moving through the different rooms of the house. The operation is the same as under augmented reality mode. The only thing that to assess the effect of the changes carried out in the house, you will have to review the list of tags or wait for the app to notify you through an alert.

An app that, with augmented reality, is capable of Visually show the effects of changes in router location or that possible device or piece of furniture that is preventing proper reception of the WiFi signal.