Internet doesn’t work for me, does my company have to fix it? Not always

internet doesn't work for me, does my company have to
internet doesn't work for me, does my company have to

Internet does not work

Internet doesn’t work for usty we call to complain, we demand that a technician come and fix it for us. But, be careful, does the company always have to fix it? Even if you think so, this is not so. There are many cases in which if the Internet does not work you will have to solve it yourself.

The general rule is very simple: everything that goes from the control panel to the router is a company problem and they have an obligation to fix it. From the router to your devices, it is a problem that you must solve and that the company is not obliged to fix for you.

But it is better to know the specific cases in which they have an obligation or not when it comes to fixing your Internet. Because there exceptions and we must take everything into account when making a claim…

I don’t get the WiFi

If you don’t get the WiFi, the problem is yours. It is a basic rule that we must keep in mind. When we hire Internet they promise us that the contracted speed is the one that comes out of the router with cable. If the technician arrives at your home and it works, there is nothing to fix The WiFi does not reach a room well but the technician connects to the router with his cable and his laptop to the router and the speed is the one contracted. In that case, you have to find the solution.

It is probably a coverage problem and we can fix it with a repeater or amplifiers. There may be technicians from different companies who can install a amplifier or repeater (always at a cost) or you can look for them independently. Using repeaters, using a mesh or WiFi Mesh network, or using a PLC.

Wi-Fi mesh system

The LoS LED is red

There are cases in which you should call and the company has to see what happens. For example, when the LoS LED of the ONT we have is red. If this light is red it indicates that there is a problem with the fiber cable. It may be that it has been broken or that they have disconnected it when doing an installation to a neighbor. In any case, if we see the LED of the LoS light in red Yes, we must notify a technician and he must review it because we will have run out of Internet. And, following the initial rule, the problem is not in your house but before reaching the router.

The switches don’t work

Let’s put another situation in which the operator does not have to fix your Internet. You have contracted 1000 Mbps of fiber optics at home, the router is fine and the Internet connection is good and acceptable via WiFi. But you connect to the switch that you have in a room of your house and the connection doesn’t work. Can I call the company to fix it? No. In this case, as we have explained in the initial rule, the problem is your home and your installation.

Here you would have to replace the switch that does not work well or call someone to do it for you. But you can’t complain to your operator because the error is not from the general connection.


The cables have no connector

There is another case where your carrier can’t do anything for you. Newly built buildings have a PAU cabinet or User Access Point with the installation prepared in which you only have to connect the router. The construction company can leave everything prepared with the internal Ethernet network already made. But the Ethernet cables may be without connectors. Either because the construction company has done it that way or because the previous owner or tenant has been able to cut them. What happens if you arrive and want to connect using those cables? You will not be able to and the fiber installer You are under no obligation to fix or crimp them.

The option is that you crimp them using the heads or that you hire an electrician to do it. But you can’t claim your company. Once you have solved it and the cables are with their corresponding connectors, the technician does have the obligation to leave these cables connected as requested by the client.

PAU Router

Broken cables in the installation

If the fiber cable of your installation at home is degraded, it is the reason why the Internet will not work for you. That implies that you have to make a change in the installation. Who is in charge of this repair and replacement? Depends. If the fiber cable is installed by the company, your carrier is obligated to repair or replace it for it to work. But if the fiber cable is installed by the builder of the building (something that happens in newly built buildings, since it is required by law) it is not the operator but the builder.

If this is the case and your installation is on a new floor, you cannot call your company because they will not repair it. You must contact the administration of the block so that they are in charge of speaking with the person in charge of the installation and making a repair or whatever is necessary.

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