Huawei MatePad Air in the works: first 3:2 tablet for the Chinese company | Rumor

huawei matepad air in the works: first 3:2 tablet for
huawei matepad air in the works: first 3:2 tablet for


Apparently Huawei is working on a new tablet: it should be called MatePad Air, according to rumors that have emerged on the Chinese social network Weibo. In addition to various details on the technical characteristics, there are some photos, which however do not allow you to get a too precise idea of ​​the device as a whole – there is not even a photo of the front, for example. For sure we can say that the rear camera will be single and placed in one of the corners – the upper right one, if we orient the tablet horizontally so that the company name is upright. As for the specifications, here are those indicated by the source:

  • 11.5″ LCD display, 3:2 ratio, 2.8K resolution, maximum refresh 144Hz
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC
  • Single rear camera with LED flash
  • 8,300mAh battery, 40W fast charging
  • Weight: 508g
  • Thickness: 6.4mm

Small clarification regarding the refresh of the display. The leaker says that in some games, such as the popular MOBA Honor of Kings, it will arrive at 144 Hz, while in others, such as Genshin Impact, at 90 Hz. The post also talks about “frame insertion technology” developed directly in house. In short, it is not really 100% clear if these 144 Hz are the actual ones of the panel or if they are somehow “simulated” with some proprietary technology. We will have to wait for further explanations to get a more precise picture.

For some, the presence of a Snapdragon 888, a chip that is now abundantly old, may also seem strange; when it comes to Huawei, however, anomalous choices are the order of the day – certainly not by its will but due to the Ban imposed by the United States years ago and even today it still prevents the company from using any product with 5G network technology . To clarify, the S888 is also equipped with a 5G modem, but it is practically certain (except for a sensational twist) that this variant will have only 4G connectivity assuming and not granting that there is a cellular variant and not relying on WiFi alone.

Also because of the ban, it is also extremely likely that there will be no Android on board, and in its place we will find the usual Harmony OS. In other words: no google services. In any case, the source also reports that no new MatePad Pros are expected to come out this year.

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