How to make your cell phone battery last longer by adapting to your routine

how to make your cell phone battery last longer by adapting to your routine
how to make your cell phone battery last longer by adapting to your routine

Thanks to some Android options it is possible to make applications consume less battery on a daily basis to improve autonomy.

Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that has the most potential to improve the functioning of Android phones. In fact, it has been present on many devices for years, and thanks to it, users in Spain can do very useful things with their smartphones , such as activating the smart scene mode in the camera application.

It is also present in other sections where it can help improve operation considerably. An example is the battery , which has optimizations that can make the phone learn from each person’s habits to modify its performance temporarily and thus gain autonomy.


There are some options that are only available on mobile phones from some manufacturers, such as the adaptive battery of the Google Pixel . However, there are others that are available for any Android device and that, in a similar way, can improve its efficiency.

Adaptive battery

This option is available on Google Pixel and mobile phones from other brands such as Samsung. Its purpose is to use the battery selectively and taking into account the task being performed. For example, if you open a reading app that does not require many resources, the system will automatically lower its performance so as not to waste resources.


It does this by increasing or decreasing the performance of the device depending on the occasion. In addition, it is also capable of modifying background activity, which allows it to make some applications that usually consume a lot of battery have a more moderate consumption. In this way, they do not have such a great impact, although it can have a negative impact in some aspects.

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Activating this function is as simple as opening Settings and going to the Battery section. Once there, at the very end, Google shows the shortcut to the adaptive battery option , which will be displayed after clicking on it. Here, Android displays some relevant information to the user.

It must be taken into account that when activating this mode, according to the manufacturer itself, there may be some notifications that are delayed. Beyond Google, there are other brands that also have their own optimization modes that can adapt the mobile’s performance to the user’s needs at all times, and it is highly recommended to activate them.

Android Optimization

On the other hand, all Android phones have the possibility of optimizing battery use by applications. It is an option that is quite similar to the adaptive battery, only in this case it is available on all Android phones and tablets natively. It is possible to activate it within the Settings, within the Applications section. Here, in the Application Battery Usage section, you can access a list of all those in which battery consumption has been optimized , and in the same way it also allows you to see which ones do not yet have this optimization.

At EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have tested this option on a large number of Android phones, and it is true that depending on the brand and version of Android there are different ways to represent it. In some, by clicking on each one, you can modify three different sections: automatic start, secondary start and background execution . The first controls the behavior of applications that can be started automatically, the second controls the behavior of applications that can be started by other applications automatically. You can choose the options to optimize automatically, force optimization or not optimize.

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On the other hand, other devices do not allow access to these three options separately, but rather allow you to directly activate or deactivate automatic start, as well as choose whether to optimize the application or leave it without restrictions. This can be done by accessing the Applications section and opening the tab for each of them individually.  In this sense, the most advisable thing is to select automatically optimize or not optimize in all those applications from which you want to receive notifications at the moment, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

In cases where it doesn’t matter if background notifications arrive later or not at all, such as games or productivity apps, it is best to use one of the other two optimization options. There are applications, such as the Google Services app, that require unrestricted battery use to function correctly, and in these cases, at least with system applications, the device will not allow you to change the option to another