Get the most out of zoom at night on your Samsung Galaxy with this hidden setting


Mobile phones with optical zoom have a peculiarity that sometimes makes the photos worse. With this adjustment in Samsung models it can be corrected.

Samsung is one of the mobile brands that puts the most care in the photography section. And not only in very high-end terminals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra , but also in other models, which even have an optical zoom . One of the best examples is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE , which is speculated to have a successor soon.

This feature is one of the hallmarks of mobile phones that are most committed to photography . A few months ago it could be seen with the Xiaomi 13T , a model from the Chinese brand that has also implemented an optical zoom for the first time in this family, something that was to be expected given that it was the first generation of the T Series that was designed in collaboration with Leica.


But optical zoom doesn’t always work as expected. In many cases, the operating system prefers to use the main sensor and crop the image instead of zooming. This happens when there is little light, and you don’t want to run the risk of the image turning out blurry. The reason is that zoom cameras do not have as good a stabilizer as the main ones, so the system prefers to avoid risks.

Improving optical zoom

However, any user who values ​​photography will prefer a sharper image with more detail, although to do so they have to be a little more careful when taking the photo, avoiding any movement. For that, among other things, Samsung has developed a camera app called Camera Assistant . This plugin is an extended settings section of the camera options itself .


It can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store , and it doesn’t take up much space. When opened, it allows you to change multiple photographic parameters of the Samsung mobile camera, and one of them is the automatic lens change when there is low light. To do this you just have to click on the Automatic Lens Change section .

When this parameter is deactivated, the optical zoom camera will work at all times , but in exchange you will have to be more careful so that there is no movement that could harm the image. Of course, if used carefully you will obtain sharper images, with less forced and more natural sharpness.

In addition to that option, Camera Assistant will allow you to put a 2x button on the camera interface although Samsung phones use a 3x zoom sensor. What that button does is cut out the main sensor, then improving the image. The only thing that option does is allow you to have direct access to that instead of having to zoom in on the camera viewfinder screen.

Other adjustments are distortion correction, being able to remove anti-aliasing from photos or even making the timer shoot multiple photos instead of just one. There are even high resolution settings that allow you to control how images behave when using digital zoom.


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