Goodbye to the laser meter and the bubble level: This Application will do all for you

goodbye to the laser meter and the bubble level
goodbye to the laser meter and the bubble level

This tool for your Android mobile will allow you to measure the straightness of any object or furniture you have at home.

The Android phones that we can buy have a large number of sensors that help carry out everyday tasks. But there are times when, using external devices, it is possible to convert the mobile phone into a totally different device thanks to which it can be possible to take precise measurements or carry out a medical analysis .

However, in itself, the mobile phone can help with a large number of tasks for which another device would normally be needed. One of them, as curious as it may seem, is to level the paintings or furniture that we have at home to ensure that they are completely straight.

On Google Play there are quite a few applications thanks to which you can take advantage of some sensors that Android phones have, such as the accelerometer or the gyroscope to carry out daily tasks. This one, called Bubble Level , promises to let the user know when an object is straight or not , although logically some things must be taken into account.

How to have a level on your mobile

Normally, to know if something is straight or not, a spirit level is used, which is a kind of ruler with limits and a liquid with a bubble inside. The mechanics are easy, since if the bubble is within the  drawn limit it means that the level and what it has underneath is straight. Mobile phones can emulate this tool thanks to their gyroscope, which is the sensor that allows the device to know when we are looking at it by holding it horizontally and when vertically, and there are several applications that allow us to have one of these tools in virtual format.


Although the results may be accurate, some things must be taken into account before using it, for example the shape of the device on which it is going to be installed. And the sides and bottom of the levels are completely flat so that there is no element that could alter the measurement. However, mobile phones come in all kinds of shapes and finishes.

The Google Pixel 8 has a bulky camera module, like many other devices like the OnePlus 12 , and this can mean that when it is left on a flat surface it does not measure its inclination correctly, but ends up measuring the inclination caused by said module.

Unless you are using a mobile phone with a flat back like the Redmagic 9 , what you should do is place the mobile phone on its side on one of the edges where it does not have any elements that interfere , such as the volume or power buttons. switched on. The result can be quite precise, enough to get you out of trouble, although for a perfect result it is best to use the tool itself.


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