The elegant high-design wireless charger that you would not expect: made of acrylic stone



The wireless charging system goes up a notch with this proposal that combines high-quality materials with performance for the phone.


Six years ago Apple introduced wireless charging to its phones. It was not the first company to do so, but it was one of the few that has remained faithful to that strategy and has always included this technology in its high-end models. Currently firms like Sony or Samsung do it and sometimes they even take it to the mid-range.

This is not very normal, but Firms like Nothing have also shown that Qi charging is not the exclusive property of the most expensive mobile phones.. And it is something that is appreciated, because it is still not common to see this type of chargers in many homes, although it is something that, when one gets used to it, is not easy to give up.

It is even possible to put this type of charge on any mobile phone, using a not very expensive compatible accessory. It’s not as comfortable as when it comes standard, of course, but it’s not crazy. But even if you have a mobile phone with this type of technology, you must have a compatible charger. There are many types, and very cheap, but not always one of them attracts attention due to the design and materials. This is what the Italian designer now wants to offer. Franco Eccel with a collection whose price starts at 75 euros.

An acrylic stone charger

The material of these three devices, acrylic stone, is more typical of construction and architecture, with a colorful and elegant language at the same time, in the line of other home products that it has also created, such as tableware, lamps or stools. The measurements range from 120x120x11 mm for the Poso Solo and Poso Art to 240x155x12 mm for the Poso.

acrylic stone charger

These chargers are fully compatible with all standard Qi charging smartphones on the market. Maximum charging speed is 10Wso they have been designed to be left for a certain period of time, such as when you get home or to the office and are going to spend a long time without looking at your phone, or for the nightstand, so that the terminal charges all night.

All They come with the charging cable and the wall transformer. It is not specified on the website, but we have consulted with the company and it has confirmed that the socket is microUSB, something that should not be very relevant as it has its own cable and is not an element designed to move, much less to carry. journey.

I Pose Alone

The prices of these chargers are higher than those seen in electronics stores, because the Italian design component and its materials point to another type of buyer, the one who highly values ​​aesthetics in their home. The Poso model It costs 140 euros, being the most expensive. He Poso Solo costs 75 euros and the Poso Art, the most striking, 85 euros. Shipping, which costs 5 euros, is made from the workshop in Italy, and there is a two-week period for possible returns, in addition to its two-year warranty.

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