Google Maps launches augmented reality in cities, these are the first chosen


Little by little, and much more slowly than initially thought, augmented reality is arriving so that everyone can enjoy it. An example is the new function that comes to Google Maps with which it will be possible to see the cities in the well-known application of the Mountain View company in a quite different way. The implementation is carried out specifically in the Street View function that exists in the development of Google, and its objective is that those who want to find something in any of the streets of the city in question can do so in a way never seen before. And, in addition, with such an intuitive operation that it comes to surprise. The new arrival has its own name, Live View, and allows you to see practically live the corners of the. By the way, a specific button is included in the app so that there is no mistake when using it -and without glasses-. Without complications in the new option of Google Maps Once the new function is accessed using the aforementioned button, the terminal must be positioned so that the camera is focused on the street in which it is and, in this way , the app starts detecting the data it needs to run Live View. When this is the case, augmented reality works its magic and interesting data is shown, such as the metro stations, the parks that exist, and even the relevant businesses that are nearby (which can be accessed to find out their concrete information). A different way of being able to go from one place to another in the cities and that gives a sanction of realism with the indications that were previously impossible to achieve. The operation is optimal, without there being a significant delay in the appearance of the new information as the user moves. Of course, at the moment there are a few locations that have the new Google Maps option active. They are as follows: Tokyo, London, New York; Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many more are to come. A couple more things in the app This is the beginning of the rollout of two new features for Google Maps that were announced but not available to users. On the one hand, the ability to find electric chargers for cars is effectively improved, increasing the pressure and the corners of the world from which data is available (it will even be possible to carry out search filters). The second arrival is that now in the information of the places that exist in the database of the application it will be possible to know if the place in question offers accessibility for people in wheelchairs -or another disability-. >

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