The infallible trick to find out if your price has risen before Black Friday


Black Friday 2021

Although this 2022 does not officially begin until the friday november 25some stores, both physical and online, have advanced their Black Friday offers to get more out of this commercial event that arises as a result of the American Thanksgiving holiday.

We know that many of the discounts are real, but there are also stores that raise prices in the previous days and so later, with the discount, the price remains as it was. How to detect these previous uploads?

The price comparator is key on Black Friday

If it is a most useful tool at any time of the year to find out what the price history of a certain product has been, in the middle of Black Friday it is essential to use a price comparator. These are tools that allow us to know what the price variations of a product have been and, in this way, to know if it is a real discount or not.

Up to 45% of Spanish consumers are aware of this situation that sometimes occurs and believe that discounts are not “authentic” and that in a way they are artificially inflated by shops, according to a study carried out by Ingenico and YouGov among 8,000 European consumers.

According to the Organization of Consumers and users, during the last Black Friday, that of 2021, the Prices increased by 3.3% on average and only 12% of the products reduced the amount final. This is why, faced with these tricks, it is more convenient than ever to use some of the tools with which you can verify how the price of a product has changed throughout its history.

Tools to compare prices

CamelCamelCamel: It is one of the favorite extensions of all those who are looking for daily offers, which is why its use skyrockets in promotional times such as Black Friday. With CamelCamelCamel you have the possibility to see in a graph all the evolution of a price as long as you put the URL of what you want to search for. In this way, you can see at a glance how its evolution has varied over the months and if it happened to become more expensive in the days or weeks before Black Friday.

Deal Checker: With such an explanatory name, it is not necessary to say much about what this online tool offers that is used to verify the price of all the products for which you put a URL with the product that you have seen in any Internet store and it will return a answer in which it will make clear if that item is well discounted or has undergone changes in its price.

ideal: This price comparator is one of the best, especially if you want to buy technology. In addition to allowing us to find the best offer currently available for a specific model, it also helps us to know the money being saved (or not).

keepa: Keepa is an application that you can also use through its extension designed for different Internet browsers. Its system is very useful on a computer, since it is embedded directly in stores like Amazon and you can see the graphs right there. If you don’t have a computer in front of you, you can use its iOS and Android applications to find out if the price of a product has risen before Black Friday or not.

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Using any of these, or all of them combined, you will never get a fake Black Friday discount again and you will know if you find a real bargain or a tremendous hoax.

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