Goodbye to Spotify: this free app has no advertising and is based on YouTube

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Using Spotify playlists without ads and without paying is possible with applications like Spotube.


The queen of music streaming applications, at least in the West, is Spotify. One of the few European companies that have managed to position themselves in a sector, that of streaming, that is clearly dominated by American applications. And Chinese, like TikTok.

This service has free, limited access options with advertising every few songs, and other paid options, which allow you to use the service much more comfortably, without advertising and even being able to download the songs temporarily to use them offline. But having music without ads and without paying is not possible on Spotify.

There are also many who use YouTube to search for songs and listen to them, since although they have advertising they do not have to download and configure another application. Well, there is an app called Spotube, which does is use our Spotify profile, with the tastes we have, the lists created and uses YouTube as a music source; similar to what Nonoki does.

Free and without ads

This application, which is available on all major operating systems, uses the Spotify API to create an interface with songs, groups and lists very similar to that of the music app. But It does not use the songs from that platform. That’s taken from YouTube eliminating the parts that are not merely music, such as advertisements.

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In this way, it is possible to create playlists, listen to songs, search for new ones, save them as favorites and all without depending on a monthly payment or having to listen to ads every few songs. Obviously not everything is positive.


One of the drawbacks of the application is that asks to link the Spotify account, so if we don’t have a previous one we have to create it. It is also possible to use Besides, the Music quality depends on the versions of a song found on YouTube, so it could sometimes be low. Here Spotify clearly wins. There is also no access to exclusive Spotify programswell they are not on YouTube.

On the other hand, It is possible to download the music to listen to it online. If you do it with one or two songs there is no problem, but if you download many songs there may be a penalty from YouTube. This is because it can be detected that the smartphone’s IP is being used to pirate music. The application itself warns before doing so so that you can be careful when downloading music.

The risks of Spotube

As free option without ads For times when you don’t want to pay or suffer interruptions, it is good. It is an alternative to YouTube, like SmartTube, but focused on music, with a very good interface, an acceptable loading time and many configuration options.