These are the best places to put your Echo with Alexa at home

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these are the best places to put your echo with.jpg

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Maybe you have had an Echo smart speaker with Alexa for a short time and you have placed it where you first thought without thinking too much about it. But do you know that there are some areas of the house where it is more convenient to put it? Keep reading so we can explain what you may not know and what will help you get the most out of your equipment The best way possible.


Some time ago we told you about the places in the house where it was not advisable to put your smart speaker. And the reality is that this revealed to us many things that we did not know and mistakes that are common to make. But apart from that, it doesn’t hurt that we know where is the place really in which we should put our new device with Alexa. Because perhaps we are not aware of it and we do not have it in the most recommended place.

On the nightstand

Or, in other words, in the bedroom. And why in a place where we don’t spend as much time as we could imagine? The point is to think practically and the truth is that having the speaker on the nightstand it’s really useful. The reason for this is that we will use it at two times of the day when it is very common to resort to Alexa: when we wake up and when we go to sleep.

An Amazon Echo speaker on the nightstand

You have to consider placing the Echo on the nightstand combining it with the creation of routines, one for the night and one for the morning. These routines can be activated as easily as telling Alexa “Good night” or “Good morning” and have a multitude of uses. Think about what you need your assistant to do before you go to sleep, such as turning off lights in rooms that have been left on, playing relaxing music to help you fall asleep, or unplugging any other type of smart equipment you have. connected. Your nighttime routine can also activate the alarm clock and perform other actions that make you feel more comfortable going to sleep.

The morning routine would be similar. It would all start with the alarm that is going to ring and wake you up. From that moment on, you could listen to music that encourages you to start the day strong, listening to the news or any other type of thing you like when you wake up. If you have a Smart home, Alexa could control the blinds to raise them or even turn on the heating a little if it’s winter and you’re cold first thing in the morning.

In the kitchen

Although there are some parts of the kitchen where it is not recommended that you put Alexa, such as near the sink, it is not a bad idea to have the speaker in this place in the house. It can open many doors for you and discover the possibilities of having this intelligent assistant while you are, for example, cooking. In that type of case you don’t have to resort to your cell phone or complicate things, since if you want to know something about a recipe you will only have to talk to Alexa.

An Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa in the kitchen

You are probably used to looking at your cell phone while cooking to follow the recipes, but it is obviously not comfortable, because you probably don’t have clean hands. Your smart speaker simplifies this process and is much more versatile than if you simply used Alexa in the mobile app.

Of course, having it in the kitchen is also highly recommended for the company it will keep you, since you can play music or listen to podcasts and thus have a better time. while you are preparing your favorite dish. As an extra, if you have already switched to Smart technology in your home and have many small appliances connected, having the smart speaker on hand will help you have control over them. Even if you have those appliances connected with smart plugs, Alexa will be a fundamental way to have them managed and always controlled.

In the garage

This option is not so common and the reality is that it should be used more. If we put an Echo in the garage we will have the ability to be more productive every time we are going to leave home. The most basic thing we are going to do is tell Alexa to turn off the lights before we leave. This will save us time and the hassle of going around the house to turn them off. Aside from that, we can also ask for information about the traffic status and thus avoid ending up in traffic jams in certain areas.

A car parked in a garage surrounded by plants

If you have decided to automate your garage, you may also have its door connected to Alexa and that you can open and close it with the use of your voice. That is another important advantage that will save you a bit more time and will allow you to leave home in the most comfortable way possible.

And other good places?

It is obvious that the living room is also a good place to put Alexa. But it is usually the place where it is installed the most and, therefore, we have left it for last as an extra note. Have the speaker in the living room or dining room It can help those gatherings of friends where we use the assistant to have fun with its games. What you may not know is that you can connect the speaker to your Smart TV to enhance the sound and even, with some Echo models, get surround effects that won’t hurt movie playback at all. And if you prefer something simpler, Alexa can be used to raise or lower the volume of the television without you having to touch the remote.

An Amazon Echo smart speaker with a screen showing photos

In addition, there are other good places, such as the room where you have your office set up. In almost all jobs, Alexa can be an important reinforcement and help that simplifies many processes. And where do you have your Echo placed? Do you have any better recommendations?



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