Apply this setting to find your phone when you have it in silent mode

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mujer joven encantadora muy feliz camiseta blanca levantando puno mientras sostiene telefono.jpg

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The mobile phone is one of our greatest accessories in our daily lives and we cannot live without it, but it is also a small device that, without realizing it, realizes we can lose it at any time. To do this, there is a great function that smartphones integrate to be able to find the device, even if it is in silent mode. If you are one of those who constantly gets lost, you can activate this option by following a series of very easy instructions.


Have you found yourself in the situation where you are lying on the couch at home with your cell phone and before you realize it you have already lost sight of it? Sometimes it usually happens to us that we leave our mobile phone anywhere and then we don’t know where it is, since sometimes it has magically disappeared from our side.

An option to search for it could be with a call from another mobile phone, since we can locate the sound of our smartphone or even have the ability to perceive its vibration if it is on a hard surface. But what happens when we have our cell phone in silent mode? In this case, luckily, There is a very simple way to find the mobile and we will tell you if you continue reading below.

Find my phone in silent mode

Android phones have a very handy feature called “Find my device”, which iOS phones also contain with the famous “Find my iPhone”. In addition, these options also include the possibility of blocking the mobile phone in case of loss or theft, so that we can make it useless to save all our personal data.



By using this feature, you “allow Google to locate your devices and accessories based on location data, device information, and connection events. “The location of the devices is approximate and may not be precise in some cases.”

Link your Google account and access the website

Before starting with the settings that you must establish to send an alert signal to your mobile when you cannot find it, you must have created a Google account, although if you use an Android mobile you should have already configured it. Once you have done so, you will simply have to go to your computer and type the official Google “Find my device” website to see your linked devices.

mobile find my device

Play sound

Next, select the device you have lost and select the option to «Play sound» which is located on the left side of the screen. After pressing this button, your mobile will ring for five minutes, even if you have put it in silent mode. When you have found the location of your smartphone, you can return to the computer and click on “Stop ringing.”

mobile find my device

Delete your data if you can’t find it

In the event that you have not located your mobile anywhere, the best thing you can do is block it and delete all your data, because it has probably been lost or stolen. In that case, go back to the screen and choose the options “Lock device” and “Wipe device data”. This way, You will no longer be able to locate the phone.

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