Disney+ will restrict shared accounts in June: will it affect your subscription?

disney+ will restrict shared accounts in june will it affect your subscription
disney+ will restrict shared accounts in june will it affect your subscription

The streaming platform Dinsey+ will begin restricting accounts that share passwords in a very few months. After the company announced on several occasions that it would follow in Netflix’s footsteps, Disney CEO Bob Iger has shared which countries will be affected first.

Shared accounts are the main threat to paid streaming services. There are many customers who do not live together and share a password to spend less money and enjoy the series and movies offered on Disney+ and other platforms.

Since Netflix began to put limits on this widespread practice, many brands have announced that they will follow in their footsteps, such as HBO Max (Max) or Disney+. After warning that it would happen in November of last year, the latter has decided on the date on which it will take the step: June .

Where will the sharing account restriction start?

In early January 2024, US Disney+ customers received an email informing them of some changes to their terms of service. Among them was the notice that they would begin limiting shared accounts for those who did not live under the same roof.

The country from which the firm originates began to restrict the accounts of new users at first. Then, last March, the change began to affect long-standing customers.

As Iger clarified for CNBC, the new rules that will prevent the exchange of passwords between non-cohabiting users will arrive in another new country in June. Thus, he demonstrates his intention to deploy this measure in more countries. Specifically, she has notified that the affected country will be Canada .

Although it will possibly take a while to reach Europe , it does not seem that we Spaniards will be spared in the future. This also happened on Netflix. On the leading streaming platform, the measure to control shared accounts arrived first in American countries and ended up reaching Spain several months later.

Disney+ will allow extra subscriptions

Continuing with the Netflix example, Disney CFO Hugh Johnston proposed the possibility of adding other users for an additional fee . This idea is quite reminiscent of Netflix extra subscriptions, which costs 5.99 euros per month.

Johnston did not clarify how much this extra subscription would cost within an account or when it would arrive . While Disney+ continues with its idea of ​​​​extending control of shared passwords to other countries, this proposal has not been discussed again either.

The rollout of the Disney+ extra fee may take longer to arrive than the credential sharing limitation (if it ends up launching). Therefore, users who share an account could first contract the streaming service individually without being presented with that possibility.

Disney+ plans

Disney+ offers its streaming services at relatively affordable prices when compared to some of its rivals. However, for some time now the cost of the subscription has risen and many Internet users choose to share an account to save some money.

This ‘bargain’, which from the beginning was prohibited on the platform, will end very soon. Although it will take longer to arrive in Spain, password exchange restrictions will begin to arrive in June. For this reason, if you are considering subscribing to a plan on your own, here are the currently available rates:

  • Standard Disney+ with ads : 5.99 euros/month
  • Standard Disney+ : 8.99 euros/month or 89.90 euros/year
  • Disney+ premium : 11.99 euros/month or 119.90 euros/year


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