This widget comes installed on your mobile: it is one of the most useful you can find

this widget comes installed on your mobile it is one of the most useful you can find
this widget comes installed on your mobile it is one of the most useful you can find

All Android phones include direct access to the conversations we have with another person in any application.


Widgets are one of the best additions that Android users  can have, since they allow you to view all kinds of information at a glance, in addition to being a very attractive shortcut for many of the functions available, both in smartphones as well as tablets. There are even some capable of showing the same image on the mobile phones of several people who know each other.

To use some of them you have to download an application from Google Play, but there are other cases in which they are included with the device itself and can be used as soon as you turn it on. For some generations now, one has been included that can be very useful for people who spend the day talking on instant messaging.


Its name is Conversations, and it is capable of creating a direct access to any chat of any application that is installed on the mobile to see the last thing that has been said in it and to be able to access it by simply clicking on it.

Conversations Widget

There are many people who use mobile phones mainly for their social component, using applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal to talk to their friends or family, also using social networks such as Instagram or Sometimes it can be difficult to follow the thread, and accessing the chat section of these apps can be a fairly repetitive process.


Therefore, the Conversations widget can be a great help if you use your mobile to chat. When you open it, a list will appear showing the most recent conversations that have been had in the applications that are installed, and it will be possible to choose a specific one to create a shortcut to it.


This has a default size of 2 x1, but it can be modified to the user’s liking to fit the space available. Depending on the size chosen, more or less space will be left to read text within it, since if a new message arrives from that conversation it will appear inside the widget. If it is a group, you can even see who the person who wrote is. Its size can be reduced so that it takes up the same size as a single icon, but in this case it will be impossible to see text inside the widget.

By clicking on the widget, you will go directly to the application and conversation to which it refers. It can also be linked to a contact to make a call every time you click on it, although this will occur directly, without intermediate steps.


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