The great and cheap accessory that turns any cell phone into a camera

the great and cheap accessory that turns any cell phone into a camera
the great and cheap accessory that turns any cell phone into a camera

Thanks to this simple device, it is easier to grab your phone to take photos, and it also has lighting so that everything looks better.

Photography has become an element of smartphones that can be used to great advantage, especially in mid-range and high-end mobile phones. In Spain, it is what most people use to take photos at all kinds of events, and it is not surprising, since it is extremely easy to share the images with friends and family afterwards.

However, there are times when you may miss some of the comforts that a compact camera offers. Luckily, there are accessories that cost just over 20 euros that are capable of giving a better feeling when we grab the cell phone to take photographs, and can considerably improve the final results of the images or videos that are taken.


There are a type of supports that, without being a gimbal  with a stabilizer, allow you to hold the mobile phone in your hand with greater firmness, and there are even models that also include their own lighting and even a remote shutter release that can be removed from the body of the support itself.

Improve the photos on your mobile

When taking photos or recording videos with your cell phone, being able to hold it correctly can greatly help the viewer focus on what each user wants to capture. However, there are times when smartphones, due to their thinness and formality, can be difficult to hold.


There are several ideal accessories to prevent this from happening. One of them is the Ulanzi Capgrip, a handheld support that, for 25.99 euros on Amazon , offers a grip like that of a larger format camera, including a shutter release on the top so you can take photos with your index finger. and the best thing is that this part can be removed from the body of the device to use it even without the support.


One of its great advantages is that it has a light on the back that can be on for up to 2 hours and will offer better results in low-light situations. At the bottom you can find a hole that allows you to place it on a tripod.

If you are looking for more professional results, being able to attach more accessories to the mobile phone such as a microphone or even a second camera, there are other types of models. In this case, it is a cage manufactured by Smallrig and has two handles to hold the mobile in a stable way .


This is attached inside thanks to an adaptable support that works with any device and thanks to which it can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Its price is almost four times higher than the previous one, costing 96.50 euros on Amazon , but the truth is that it can offer a more complete experience, ideal for people who work using their mobile camera.


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