ChatGPT for iOS improves: now integrates with Siri and accesses Shortcuts

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OpenAI has announced several updates to its iOS app, including the integration of Shortcuts. You can now create a ChatGPT request in Shortcuts and save it as a link between the AI ​​tool and different applications. One example of how useful this is is that it is now possible to ask ChatGPT to answer a problem or search for a fact, and then send the answer to your friend or save it as a note. Therefore, an important step is taken so that the usability of what is obtained with this AI tool is much greater and, consequently, progress towards universal use. Other new options coming to ChatGPT for iOS From now on, you can also ask Siri to open ChatGPT or create these Shortcuts. It should not be forgotten that this development already uses OpenAI’s Whisper voice recognition, so support for the Apple assistant only expands its accessibility in order to make it much easier and more intuitive to use. Another of the new functions that are added to the work of OpenAI is the possibility of drag and drop. This further integrates ChatGPT into iOS devices, allowing you to carry messages outside of its interface and into other apps. You could say that this is a manual version of Shortcuts, so it is up to the user himself which method to use. Another long-awaited novelty In addition, ChatGPT will offer better compatibility with iPad tablets in the future. Previously, iPad users did not have a full screen experience when using the app, as OpenAI had only designed it for iPhone-sized screens. In short, it will take up all available screen space, ideally providing a smoother experience. These updates follow the recent expansion of ChatGPT on Apple platforms, as OpenAI first released an iOS app for US users in mid-May, quickly rolling it out to 11 other countries. Prior to these updates, the app already synced chats across your computer and provided access to GPT-4 for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. While ChatGPT continues to expand its presence on Apple devices, Android owners still have to wait to download an app. And this is most strange considering the large number of users who use Google’s operating system. The logical thing is that in a short time this development will be a reality in the market. >

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