3,000 Android games now available to play on Windows

3000 android games now available to play on windows.jpg
3000 android games now available to play on windows.jpg

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What would you say if, right off the bat, you could access more than 3,000 games from Windows coming from Android? Well, that is precisely what Google has just announced. The company has had a great deal with the users of the Microsoft platform so that you can have entertainment for hours.

Many users were waiting for this day to arrive. Ever since Windows 11 introduced the ability to use Android apps, one thing we’ve all been thinking about is gaming. Because mobile gaming will be a bit in the doldrums, but Google’s operating system still has thousands of proposals among which there are real great games.

Inside Google Play Games

Google’s plan to bring Android games to computers with Windows it is ambitious. The company knows that it has a large market in its hands and that there are millions of users who are most likely going to start installing games of all types of genres. To share them with them, the company has launched Google Play Games, a new application that serves as a hub from which to download and install the more than 3,000 games that are available for the occasion.

Google Play Games main website

For now, this application is located available in beta phase, although you can access it here if you meet a series of requirements. The most important thing, apart from residing in one of the countries that are present in the beta campaign, including Spain, is that your computer meets minimum requirements. Thus, you must have a graphics card that is an Intel UHD Graphics 360 model or a higher version. Additionally, you also have to activate hardware virtualization. Once you do this, you can install the tool and start downloading free or, in other cases, paid games.

Thousands of games are available

Until the last update that Google Play Games received, the number of titles available was not that high. But now there are more than 3,000 and it is quite a manifestation of intentions on the part of the Android company, who intends to continue making updates and adding more games so that users have more variety to choose from.

With this update, other adjustments have also been made and new features implemented, such as the incorporation of a search bar that makes it easier to find specific games that you have in mind. You always can navigate between categories based on each of the genres, such as action or adventure, but there is no doubt that the search system by title makes things easier.

Google Play Games web message

Some of the games that are already available on the service include well-known titles such as Clash Of Clans, Asphalt 9: Legends, Clash Royale, Angry Birds 2, Genshin Impact, Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Mania Legends or Fallout Shelter, among many others. Furthermore, browsing the catalog you can see that there is a wide variety of genres, including many games that are designed for children, others that have much more depth than you would expect from mobile titles or even console proposals. With more than 3,000 games it is logical that you are sure to find something that interests you. In addition, Google will continue to add new titles given that, on Android, there are millions of games available.

One of the strong points that Google shares about this service is the possibility of playing in a simpler way than on mobile. This way, you can use your keyboard and mouse, something that fits much better with some of the titles available for download. In other cases, it is also provided compatibility with all types of controls of game. Above all, the controllers can be used with more advanced games that require it more, such as the driving title Asphalt 9: Legends. In addition, it is appreciated that a wide variety of controllers can be used, from those for Xbox consoles to those for PlayStation 5. This way you will not have to buy a new controller specifically to play on the computer.

Games available on Google Play Games

Along with all this, there are two other features that deserve to be highlighted. The first is the possibility of earning Google Play Points when you make purchases within the service. The second is the availability of various image configuration modes. For example, in some of the games it is possible get to play in 4K resolutionwhich there is no doubt is an important improvement compared to continuing to play on mobile.

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