Android Auto and external videos: how to send them from your mobile or USB

android auto and external videos how to send them from your mobile or usb
android auto and external videos how to send them from your mobile or usb

Android Auto has become one of the most sought-after features in new cars. So much so that there are even accessories to be able to use it in cars that do not have it as standard . But there are things that the system does not allow natively, such as playing a video from your mobile or doing the same from an external memory.

However, there are applications that can be downloaded from stores other than Google that allow you to perform these actions. In addition, with a wireless connection you can also send a video that is on an external hard drive to the car screen.

In this way, you can access large movies or videos that are stored in independent storage and view them on the car’s screen, obviously while the car is stationary. In this way, it does not take up too much space in the smartphone’s memory .

From mobile to Android Auto

Android Auto does not have local video playback enabled from the mobile. Therefore, it is necessary to install an application that allows this. In this case, Local Video Player has been selected , an app that allows you to send videos through the Android share menu to the car.

In order to install it, you must activate the development menu in Android Auto and then download the AA Store on your mobile and install Local Video Player. After granting the permissions you will have access to the application. These are the steps to take to get the application ready to use:

  • Open the Android Auto menu from settings.
  • Go to the last part, in the version number.
  • Press repeatedly until the development options are activated.
  • Click on the three dots icon at the top left.
  • Enter the development settings menu.
  • Activate Unknown Sources.
  • Download AAStore from Google .
  • Install the app and search for Local Video Player.
  • It installs.
  • It opens on the mobile and the permissions are accepted.
  • Connect your mobile to the car with Android Auto.

When it is installed, you have to navigate on your mobile to the video you want to play and press the share option. When done, you must select Local Video Player. You have to open Local Video Player in the car and when you send it from your smartphone, the video will play in the car.

From USB to Android Auto

If what you need is to send a video that is on a USB memory to Android Auto, two things are needed. On the one hand, it is mandatory to have a wireless connection with Android Auto . This can be done if the car comes standard with that function, but also with an accessory.

Several devices of this type have been analyzed, such as the Ottocast A2Air , the Ottocast Picasou 2 Pro  or the most popular Motorola MA 1 . Either of them turns a wired Android Auto system into a wireless Android Auto.

In this way, it is possible to connect a USB memory to the mobile, one with a USB C connector or using one with USB A and an adapter. Being able to view the videos in memory from your mobile phone, you just have to use the same application mentioned above, Local Video Player, to send the signal to Android Auto.

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