ChatGPT is in luck: Google delays its all-powerful AI that was going to make it disappear

chatgpt is in luck google delays its all powerful ai that.jpg
chatgpt is in luck google delays its all powerful ai that.jpg

Artificial intelligence

ChatGPT practically monopolizes the AI-powered chatbots. That is why the OpenAI project is seeing competitors here and there, with Google’s Artificial Intelligence as the main threat, but it seems that for now it will continue to lead its field for a few more months.

Google has decided that it needs more time to work on Gemini and reach its full potential, with which it should clearly dethrone ChatGPT, so we at OpenAI have surely breathed a sigh of relief.

ChatGPT is left alone

Right now, it seems like ChatGPT monopolizes the AI applied to text generators. We could practically say that it competes only against itself, since the Bing search engine, also powered by GPT-4, is the result of Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI.

Google is undoubtedly one of the companies that wants to get into this fight for generative AI right now and win out sooner rather than later. You can achieve this thanks to a project that could leave ChatGPT very hurt when it launches… but that date has now been postponed.

Now, The Information cites two sources who say that his launch in the first quarter of 2024, not this month as stated above. He also reports that Google co-founder Sergey Brin has spent “four to five days a week” with developers.

Gemini, Google’s new AI

Gemini is the name that Google has given to its next big bet in the field of AI. A new system that its creators hope will be more complete and have more capabilities than the one behind ChatGPTowned by its great rival Microsoft after investing mainly in OpenAI.

Google Gemini Presentation

He new multimodal extensive language model It will be able to analyze graphs and tables, and will be implemented in Google services such as Cloud, in addition to powering Bard. Gemini will feature advanced machine learning algorithms that will allow it to understand natural language and respond to user queries conversationally. Google’s vast training data could give Gemini an advantage in the race for AI dominance. This is because the company has access to a large amount of information that can be used to train its models.

“Gemini is still in development, but already exhibits never-before-seen multimodal capabilities in previous models. “Once fine-tuned and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini will be available in various sizes and capacities.”said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.

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