The music listening technology that drivers who use Android Auto don’t want to miss

the music listening technology that drivers who use android auto don't want to miss
the music listening technology that drivers who use android auto don't want to miss

Android Auto users want to continue having access to AM/FM radio, according to a study.

The main reason for the success of Android Auto is very simple to understand: it is capable of turning our car into a mobile phone on wheels, bringing the same apps that we use on the smartphone to the dashboard screen.

The possibility of using apps like Google Maps on Android Auto is already a compelling reason to jump to the platform; and in recent months more apps have been appearing, such as Waze or the official YouTube app that allows you to watch videos (as long as the car is stopped, of course).

But without a doubt, music apps are the most popular. The possibility of using Spotify in the car, with access to our lists, is one of the strong points of Android Auto; However, not everyone is convinced with music streaming, and prefers a more traditional method.

According to a study by Edison Research , no less than 46% of Android Auto users continue to use AM and FM radio to listen to music while driving; This, despite having access to streaming apps like Spotify, which are the favorites of only 18% of those surveyed. It must be taken into account that the study was carried out in the United States, so it is possible that the trend is different in Spain, but it is striking data.

The radio is still very important for drivers, especially if they don’t have Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay) in their main vehicle; In that case, 67% of drivers prefer to turn on the radio rather than find another method to listen to music. Actually, this data is not so surprising if we take into account that drivers are tired of car technology , as another study showed; so, if they don’t have Android Auto, they prefer to use the radio rather than trying to use the system that comes by default in the car.

Taking into account that the first commercial AM radio broadcast was made in 1905, drivers demonstrate a great dependence on a technology that has already surpassed the century; but which has proven to remain perfectly valid for the journeys made by the majority of drivers. On the other hand, the technology that is not standing the test of time so well is the CD ; So few people use records in the car that the study lumps them together in “Other,” along with people who still plug an MP3 into the car audio system.

One possible explanation for the popularity of AM/FM radio lies in its ease of use; In many cars it turns on when starting and you don’t need to do anything else to enjoy music. Especially if the trip is short, for many people it may not be worth it to search for a playlist on Spotify or YouTube Music. We must also add the issue of cost , with subscriptions becoming more expensive compared to free radio thanks to advertisements.

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