A historic change is coming to Samsung mobile phones: this is what the new cameras and processors would be like

The next generation of Samsung phones could use sensors manufactured by one of its great rivals.

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers, not only in smartphones with its Samsung Galaxy , but in the technological world in general; Its branches expand beyond the products we use every day, and many of its divisions are independent companies that even work with competitors.

For example, it is no secret that Samsung Display manufactures mobile screens for many brands, not just Samsung Galaxy; In the same way, Samsung’s ISOCELL sensors appear in the cameras of devices from many companies such as Xiaomi or Google.

Of course, the priority goes to Samsung Galaxy, and it is not surprising that its Galaxy S are the ones that debut the new screens and sensors manufactured by the rest of the divisions; but that may change in the next generation of the manufacturer’s leading mobile phones.

Samsung with Sony sensors

As revealed by a surprising leak published by @Tech_Reve on Twitter , the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ would not use the ISOCELL GN3 sensor that previous models use, including the upcoming Galaxy S24 that will be launched very soon. Instead, these two models would switch to a new sensor made by Sony, Samsung’s main rival in the mobile camera market.

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This ‘betrayal’ would occur in the models that will be sold from 2025 ; Therefore, the Galaxy S24 and S24+ expected for next January 2024 will still be based on Samsung sensors. This leak is not only surprising, it has also come a long way, taking into account that there would still be a year left for Samsung to confirm the existence of this new generation. Therefore, it must be taken with a grain of salt, and it would not be surprising if things changed in the coming months.

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This historic change would be the result of an alliance between Samsung and Sony. And the Galaxy S25 would not use just any sensor, but an exclusive variant created only for these phones, called ‘IMX890 for Galaxy’ . So the fact of using a sensor sold by a third party does not mean that these phones are going to be any less special. Not to mention that Samsung already sells several mobile phones with Sony sensors, and until not long ago, that was common in the main sensors of the Galaxy S, until the Galaxy S22, which made the change to Samsung’s GN3.

This change would occur only in the most basic models of the S25 range; The leading model, the Galaxy S25 Ultra, would continue to use a 200 Mpx Samsung ISOCELL sensor, although it will probably be a new larger version , taking into account that another leak suggests that Samsung would be working on a one-inch sensor.

The cameras will not be the only surprising elements of the S25. It is expected that in this generation Samsung will release its new processor, designed specifically for the Galaxy S , unlike the Exynos that are more generic and designed to compete against the Snapdragon. This new processor is known as the ‘Dream Chip’ within the company, and would use an AMD GPU based on the RDNA-3 architecture as its new graphics cards .