Google delays its new ChatGPT rival: it still struggles with Spanish, but it can be revolutionary

Google could have launched Gemini, its new generative AI, this week, but it has decided to delay it at the last minute.

The release of ChatGPT to the public was the biggest blow Google has taken in its history; For the first time since it was founded, it was neither the pioneer nor the most popular in an Internet product. The reaction was immediate, but the launch of Google Bard did not achieve the same impact as its rival due to its clear deficiencies and serious flaws even in its presentation.

History cannot be repeated; With the release of GPT-4, the advantage of OpenAI is more evident than ever, and that extends to those who use that technology, like Microsoft’s Copilot . If Google doesn’t catch up soon, it may never catch up to OpenAI.

The solution was announced by Sundar Pichai himself at Google I/O: it is called Gemini, and it is the new language model that will be used by Bard and all Google products, including Android, in the near future. However, we will still have to wait to see its improvements.

Google’s ChatGPT

As revealed by The Information , Google’s plan was to make a surprise presentation of Gemini this week ; Several events were going to be held throughout the United States, including California, New York and Washington to convince both users, and especially politicians and legislators who may take a dim view of the advances promised by Gemini.

However, those plans have been canceled because the AI ​​is not yet ready to be shown to the public; although that does not mean that great progress has not been made. Gemini promises to be as good, or even better, than GPT-4 at understanding the user and generating content. It is a ‘multi-modal’ AI, which means that it understands and is capable of generating both text and images and all types of content; and according to rumors, it surpasses GPT-4 thanks to its greater computing power.

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According to Sissie Hsiao, vice president of Google and head of Bard and Google Assistant, Gemini is capable of doing things that other AIs cannot even dream of; For example, she is able to create tutorials with the necessary steps and images if we tell her we want to make a cake. And Google products, like the new Google Assistant with Bard, will benefit from this with new features.


The decision to delay the launch of Gemini is not due to its capabilities, but rather to a very important aspect for Google: global support. And the big problem that Gemini has right now is that it is difficult for him to understand languages ​​other than English ; and after Bard’s failed presentation, Google wants to avoid at all costs making a fool of itself again and having its AI considered inferior. To do this, it wants to boast better support in languages ​​other than English, to reach markets where ChatGPT has not yet been able to expand.