The OCU warns of the 5G scam: what it is and how you can protect yourself

the ocu warns of the 5g scam what it is and how you can protect yourself
the ocu warns of the 5g scam what it is and how you can protect yourself

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has warned that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the deployment of 5G by operators . This type of connectivity is reaching more municipalities in Spain in recent months and scammers are impersonating the companies to carry out what is known as the “ 5G scam .”

Most telecommunications companies are announcing the arrival of the fifth generation of mobile connection to more Spanish territories. This wireless cellular technology offers faster download speeds anfd greater stability , which is why many consumers are eagerly awaiting its arrival. However, a large part is not willing to pay more for the service and hackers seem to be taking advantage of this.

The 5G scam phone call

The fraud that the OCU warns about begins with a call in which the scammers pose as representatives of the user’s operator. During the telephone conversation, they lie saying that the current router at home has become obsolete after the implementation of 5G coverage.

According to cybercriminals, the home router will stop providing Internet in a month. Therefore, if they want to continue browsing the web with WiFi, scammers can change routers as a solution, but with several disadvantages. The fake teleoperator will report that the cost of the router is between 90 and 170 euros and may even mention a one-year commitment .

In this situation, customers are likely to become angry and refuse to pay, which is exactly what hackers want. At this time, it will be when they talk about a special offer, with an improved rate and the possibility of changing routers for free .

The special promotion is a false change of operator

According to the impersonators, the offer is not from the contracted operator, but from a brand that belongs to the same parent company. Something like if we made a change from Movistar to O2, which are both from Telefónica, for example. If the scammers catch the customer off guard and do not know which teleoperators in the group are, they could fall into the trap and decide to hire a new service. However, neither the promotion nor the affiliation between one company and another really exists, it is all a lie.

If the user accepts and supposedly gives his or her consent to start the probability process , the teleoperator will inform that he or she will receive another call from the other brand. The OCU explains that the second telephone conversation will be where the registration in that new company will be processed.

In reality, those responsible for the 5G scam are not operators, but they are not looking for your data to steal money from you like with other scams. As detailed by the OCU, cybercriminals belong to subcontracted companies that resort to fraudulent strategies to improve the customers of a telephone company. Theoretically, the benefiting operators do not know how they attract new clients and are unaware that they do it with lies.

How to avoid falling for the 5G scam?

In general, the most practical way to avoid falling victim to this type of fraud is to stay informed . While you’re on a call, you can do a quick Internet search to find out if your operator has officially announced that routers will be obsolete with the arrival of 5G or whatever lie scammers come up with.

In any case, you should always be wary of these types of calls and not accept anything lightly. Even if it were a real special promotion, the ideal is to think about the proposal and not accept it or give confidential information during the conversation. You can tell the company that you will think about it and hang up to search for information on Google or another search engine.

It should be noted that all announcements of rate changes or the need to modify the router must always be notified in writing. By law, operators must notify the issue in a text at least 30 days in advance . That is, a call that is most likely false is not enough.

Furthermore, if you have fallen into the trap and have hired the services of a new operator, you can always resort to the right of withdrawal . This allows you to cancel any rate you have contracted by telephone or online as long as no more than 14 calendar days have passed.

It must also be clarified that the right of withdrawal is only possible if it is claimed before the service has begun to be launched. That is, if the firm sends a technician to install the router , it will already be too late and the process to undo the contract may become complicated.

Regardless of whether or not you can resort to this right, it is advisable to report to the police that you have been a victim of the 5G scam. In this way, you will have another asset from which to act so that leaving the operator and returning to your company with the same conditions is easier.

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