If you have a Samsung Smart TV you are in luck: Tizen is now more complete than ever

if you have a samsung smart tv you are in.jpg
if you have a samsung smart tv you are in.jpg

Samsung S95C

Samsung stands out for being one of the most successful brands in televisions and its Tizen operating system is one of the most recommended if you are looking for compatibility and good performance. And now it will be better. Samsung will improve the Tizen operating system for its Smart TVs. The Korean brand will modernize its Tizen operating system and make it more accessible, more comfortable and more intuitive. But not only will it improve it but it will reach many more televisions so that they do not become obsolete after a few years.



Google has become one of the great successes in the Smart TV market with Google TV and the many possibilities it offers. For this reason, the Korean brand does not want to be left behind and that is why they have announced updates, as reported by AVForums. Not only will they improve the operating system of their new Smart TVs, but they will also do so with older televisions, thus improving the experience of their users. A cleaner, more modern, more comfortable interface and many more possibilities in one of the most used operating systems in the television market and that has practically total compatibility with all the apps we use on a daily basis.

Four years of updates

After LG’s presentation at CES 2024 in which it announced 4 years of updates for its televisions, it seems that Samsung has taken note and will do the same with its famous Tizen operating system. The new Tizen OS 8.0 will not only reach the new Smart TVs of the S95D range, but will also reach previous models such as the S90C, S92C, S93C and S95C in addition to all the Neo QLED ranges.

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Beyond the long-awaited update, they have also emphasized a significant improvement in terms of security and bug fixes in its operating system, something that will undoubtedly improve the user experience by offering a much more dynamic interface that is secure and error-free.

Operating system news

Among the new features that we find in the new version of Samsung’s operating system are changes in notifications, shortcuts, profiles…

One of the best changes will be the profile creation when using the television, in the same way we do in applications like Netflix or Disney+. Each user will be able to have a personalized profile with the configuration that interests them and thus access different applications, accounts, the tones they need, the settings they want or the order of the applications and menus so that each user can use the TV in the same room. most comfortable way possible and adapting to the tastes of each user.

But it will not be the only change in this operating system update, there will be more. For example, users could access Microsoft 365 programs and use the television to read all types of files or even write them, although this is usually something unusual, but Samsung would give us this option of converting the TV into a computer in case we need it at a specific time.

samsung smart tv tizen os

There will also be a general redesign. They would change the home screen shortcuts and are expected to appear on the left side of the television. But the redesign would also reach other sections and the Tizen categories would be separated into different tabs, making access more comfortable and cleaner than until now with three tabs that will be: Discover, Live and Apps.

There will also be, according to the aforementioned media, a new notification system. Daily+ is the new notification option for Samsung Smart TVs and will be within a hub from where we can not only check pending messages, but also control all the home automation devices that we have linked to the television in our home.