Windows 11: Microsoft releases trial update to Canary channel subscribers

Windows 11: Microsoft releases trial update to Canary channel subscribers
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Microsoft today released a minor service update (KB5027849) for Windows 11 users subscribed to the Canary channel. This kind of update is for testing purposes only and does not bring significant changes to the operating system.

According to a post from the official Insider program Twitter account, the test update changes the software build number to Build 25381.1200. This is the first time in months that a update for service testing purposes is released to Canary.

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It is common for the company to provide service updates to verify the integrity of its infrastructure. Microsoft describes this practice as a way of “testing the pipeline services” to ensure that new update packages will be made available and correctly received by Windows Update.

Canary is the test channel with the highest cadence of updates in the Insider program. This means that developers and users interested in trying out new features can get access to new features much earlier, but at the risk of experiencing instability and other performance issues.

The last cumulative update released to the channel is Build 25381, which brought a change in network connection policy and now requires SMB security signatures by default in the Enterprise edition of Windows 11.

Although there are no significant changes in the last update for the Canary channel, Microsoft is preparing important features for Windows 11. Soon, the operating system will have native support for archives in RAR format, 7zip and others based on the open source project ” libarchive”.

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