Scammers steal R$255,000 from a Nubank account after hacking a public servant’s cell phone

Scammers steal R$255,000 from a Nubank account after hacking a public servant's cell phone
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The public servant Eliana Miranda had a loss of BRL 255 thousand after gscammers hack your account on Nubank. The case took place on May 19 and the fintech reported that “it continues to investigate in detail what happened to take any appropriate measures”.

In an interview with Tilt, Eliana reported that it all started when an alleged Nubank employee called and said she was from the company’s operations security team. However, the call was just a pretext for scammers to act.

A alleged employee said she would not ask for information and even advised Eliana not to pass on passwords or click on links. The scammer only asked the server to confirm personal data and to enter the Nubank app for security validation.

Eliana said he refused at first because the Nubank does not usually make calls to its customers. However, the scammer insisted and said that it was an emergency situation to stop an alleged fraud attempt that was in progress.

As the alleged employee had all her data, Eliana complied with the request. After clicking on an item on the Nubank platform, it was taken to another screen and an unknown file was automatically downloaded to the smartphone.

The scammer took Eliana for a supposed validation with facial and biometric recognition nthe “security” tab dbank platform. Subsequently, the server’s cell phone screen went blank and the alleged employee stated that this was part of the process.

The customer was convinced after receiving an email from Nubank validating her identity. However, the scammers had just register and authenticate Eliana’s account in a Apple iPhone 7 Pluswhich is not the victim’s device.

Still on the call, the scammer said that a loan of BRL 20,000 had been taken out, but that all operations would be disregarded. Seconds later, the victim received an email from Nubank informing about the release of the money.

Frightened, Eliana responded to the bank by email, but did not receive an immediate response. Shortly after, the call dropped, and the cell phone screen remained black. After restarting the device, the victim realized that the Nubank app was no longer installed.

Once she was able to log back into her account, Eliana saw that her savings were gone. Still according to the server’s report, the coup happened around 11:30 am, but it was only at 1:32 pm that she started to receive notices of “preventive blocking” from Nubank.


The public servant said that the criminals made 14 operations on credit cards that totaled R$ 126,717.27. Another R$ 128,307.00 was spent on the payment of 11 bills. Scammers created eight virtual cards to make purchases.

“I was going to buy a house with that money and get married next year. I have no assets, it was the only money I had, saved for years. At first we feel very guilty, we are ashamed to tell other people what happened . It’s a very complex job to understand that I was a victim”, said Eliana to the website Tilt.

Case against Nubank

After accessing the app again, the victim contested the transactions, but Nubank would have understood that there was no scam in the case. One online incident report was registered on the same day by Eliana. The next morning, she went to the police station, but was told that little could be done.

An action in court was moved asking for the annulment of the loan and compensation for moral and material damages in the total amount of R$ 275,000. So far, an injunction has suspended payment of the credit card bill (R$11,000) and the loan installment (R$20,000).

What Nubank says

In note, the Nubank stated that it has not yet been officially notified of the court decision or the ongoing process. The digital bank also said that it “continues to investigate the case in detail to take any appropriate measures, if applicable”.

Check out the Nubank note in full below:

Nubank was not officially notified of the court decision or the ongoing process.

It is important to point out that, at the same time, the company continues to investigate the case in detail in order to take any appropriate measures, if applicable.

For bank secrecy reasons, it is not possible to comment on the specific case. The company will communicate directly with the client via official service channels when the internal analysis is completed and/or within the scope of the legal process at the appropriate time.

We continuously invest in preventive tools, support channels and monitoring the use of your services to protect your customers’ experience.

The company also constantly promotes a series of initiatives with security tips and alerts about scams to make it difficult for incidents of this nature to occur:

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