Windows 11 has a new File Explorer, so you can get it

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The new File Explorer in Windows 11 is already a reality, and it seems that Microsoft is taking this update seriously. If you want to try it without waiting much longer, we will tell you how to achieve this without complications and, also, without any risk to your computer. Boasting the latest WinAppSDK ecosystem, the home page of the new File Explorer is powered by WinUI 3. As seen in some of the builds Microsoft has released, in the same update that introduces native RGB support for many keyboards and Razor gaming mice, Redmond’s feature a modernized address bar and search box, designed to give users a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience. Features added to Windows 11 The improved address bar has advanced capabilities, including the option to intelligently distinguish between local and cloud folders. With built-in status indicators, users will be able to easily identify if a folder is on their local device or in the cloud with the new enhancement. Additionally, OneDrive now displays its sync status in the address bar, allowing users to quickly determine if their files are up to date. On the other hand, a new quota information dropdown function is added that will allow users to monitor storage usage – and therefore conveniently manage their files accordingly. Get the new File Explorer right now Is it possible to get the new File Explorer in Windows 11 right now? Until now, this was impossible, but things have changed and we indicate the steps you have to take to be able to download everything you need to try everything new that is added to Windows 11 File Explorer: Open the operating system Settings , and then access the Windows Update and security option.Click on Windows Insider Program (if you don’t have this section, you must sign up to it to be able to access the news before anyone else).Choose one of the four available channels according to your needs and level of understanding of what you want to getClick Join and voila, you can download the new compilation of what’s new including File Explorer’s own. Once you’ve joined and installed the latest build from either channel, a pizza logo will appear at the top of your File Explorer screen, indicating that you’re already experiencing the WinAppSDK version. >

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