WhatsApp prepares reactions to the states of the application

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whatsapp e1641562491485.png

Although WhatsApp is not one of the applications that I use the most, and I use it because circumstances force me. In other words, if it weren’t for the fact that in the end everyone uses it, I would only use others like Telegram or Signal. However, I must admit that little by little, the innovations introduced by the green application are increasingly striking. They do not focus on privacy or security but on being able to turn it into a new social network. For this reason, the possibility of react via emoji to WhatsApp states that each user puts on their profile.

Quick reactions using emoji for WhatsApp states

It is noted that he has acquired the Meta company. WhatsApp every day reminds me more of a miniature social network. With the new features that they are adding, we can interact more and more with each of the users. The new one they are preparing is the possibility of reacting through emojis to WhatsApp states.

They have already introduced the possibility of reacting to each of the messages via emoji, as Telegram does, but now what they want is to look more and more like Instagram. What they want is for you to be able to respond with that icon in the form of emoji to the states that each user uploads when they want.

You will remember that in mid-April, one could already get an idea of ​​​​what was going to await us with the reactions to those individual messages within the application chat groups. Let’s remember the message he sent on Twitter, nothing more and nothing less than Will Cathcart:

At the moment this new functionality is available to be tested on desktop version of the messaging application. It is not known when it will be released for the other platforms or when it will be released so that all users can start using this functionality.

We will have to wait and see how things evolve. Taking into account that the tests can end up in definitive software or they can be discarded, depending on how their evolution is seen. We will tell you everything that is happening regarding this probable functionality in the messaging app of the green icon that will surely delight more than one.