WhatsApp prepares news in groups and in the size of attachments


WhatsApp continues to want to look more and more like Telegram. The latest novelties to be presented have to do with the number of members in the groups and the size of the file which can be sent as an attachment. After the reactions to statuses and group messages, we finally have a “serious” update. Let’s see what these new improvements in the application consist of.

Up to 512 members and we went from 100 MB to 2 GB in attachments. WhatsApp prepares a good update

The latest news that Meta is preparing on the instant messaging application, refers to the capacity. Both in the members of the groups as well as the size of the messages that can be sent.

We already know that in Telegram we have those called Supergroups and now in the green application, we can also show off that quality. An update is being prepared that can integrate up to 512 members into a single group.

As discussed in the blog post of the application, it seems that this is a feature that was highly demanded by users and listening to them, they have decided that it is time to implement it. 512 members in a group. The truth is that it overwhelms me when we are more than 5, so that we are 512, but anyway, that’s my thing. But of course, it will come in handy to create communication channels where until now the established limit was somewhat scarce.

Another novelty that will be included in the new update will be the ability to send attachments from a size of up to 2 GB. Until now, the limit was 100 MB and that meant that certain videos could not be sent with the appropriate quality. That will change though, and 2GB is a pretty reasonable size and appropriate for the capacity of the devices we have today. The quality of their cameras makes almost any video that is recorded quickly reach that size easily.

in the same post we are reminded again and again, that all the messages we send are protected by the end to end encryption and we also echo that circumstance.

By the way, these new features we talked about are coming soon but not to brazil where it will take a little longer to implant.