More countries are putting pressure on Apple and soon using the iPhone will be more similar to having Android

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The world of mobile technology continues to spin and it seems that, after many years, the time has come when Apple will have to give in in something very important. With this change, already practically confirmed for Europe, in the very near future, using an iPhone will be much more similar to using an Android terminal.

Until now we knew that the European Union had given Apple a deadline to make an important change to the iPhone: it had to allow sideloading. The apple company You have until March 5 2024 to introduce this change and comply with what is required of it by Europe. But now Japan is also speaking out on the matter and it seems that it is going to follow the same path as our continent.

More pressure for Apple

When news broke about how Apple would have to allow the installation of apps from other stores and not keep it as an App Store-only feature, the market shook. After all, the iPhone company was being pressured to change one of the factors that had been identifiers of its phones since the beginning of time.

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The European Union took the step forward and showed muscle. Now from Japan they claim that they are preparing a law that will be very similar, since it will force companies in the sector, not just Apple, to allow downloads from other app stores and that they will also accept other payment methods. For the Japanese market it is an important step after which they have been working for years and which now, thanks to the path opened by Europe, they already see as a very real possibility.

Different goals, same plans

Japan is a country that pays tribute to the iPhone as the most used terminal by its users. Not only is it the mobile phone that captures the most interest, but it has become a symbol of japanese society current. Having a mobile phone from another manufacturer, especially among groups of young people, causes a notable feeling of exclusion. This has led to it not only being the most sought after option, but also the one that is understood as fundamental. For this reason, it is usually the terminal for which the most services are provided, the most accessories are offered in stores or which is at the center of the most promotions with the operators.

Due to this situation, the country is not exactly satisfied with the dominance that Apple has over the consumer habits of its citizens. They need let that impregnable barrier be torn down that the iPhone company has and that, thus, there are national entities that can offer their own application markets. At the same time, it is well known that in Japan payment systems such as Apple Pay are not very popular, but rather it is systems of national origin, such as PayPay, that split the cod. Because of this, they want these payment methods to be more prominent and thus, on the other hand, avoid the commissions that Apple leaves behind.

Apple logo on a traditional Japan background

In Europe, the law that forces Apple to allow sideloading is already scheduled to be submitted in 2024 and that, throughout the spring, more details will be revealed publicly. This law will base its foundations on four pillars in which all interest will be deposited, the first being the availability of other app stores and the acceptance of more payment methods. In addition to this, the law also wants to make the use of search engines, browsers and operating systems more flexible. All with the aim of providing users with greater freedom and more possibilities when making the decision of how they want to use their mobile terminals.

At Apple they are not happy with the way things are developing, but it is obvious that, for users, these changes that will arrive from 2024 They will be very important. And after Europe and Japan, it is obvious that other countries and markets will also join.

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