Rain of news on WhatsApp Web: new interface design and status updates

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WhatsApp Web news

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the messaging application most used by Spaniards today through our mobile phones. However, its web version is also one of the most used ways to communicate with our family and friends, although it is also often used in the work environment. In order to increase the user experience, WhatsApp Web has been updated with a series of new features.

WhatsApp continues to release updates for its application in Internet browsers with the aim of improving its use and turning it into one of the essential tools for contacting other people. You can practically enjoy the same functions as in the mobile version, except for the possibility of making voice or video calls and even sharing your location, although the company considers that these options are unimportant compared to others that it is implementing. If you want to know all the details of WhatsApp Web, you can visit this link.

New functions in WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has shared exciting new features that will arrive soon in future updates to the computer version. These are two new functions that have to do with the renewed aesthetic design of the application and integration of share media files and text directly from the States tab, something that could already be done on mobile for several months.

New design

The Meta-owned app is working to introduce a dark mode to its web version with a new facelift to reduce eye strain in low light conditions. Likewise, the WhatsApp Web interface will be improved with the incorporation of a sidebar that includes options for viewing statuses, channels or communities, instead of placing them at the top.

This improvement is currently being developed and its main function is to launch a more aesthetically pleasing design, with a color scheme for the dark theme. In fact, dark mode can already be selected from the tool’s Settings and clicking on Theme, but now the aim is to add a more attractive way to view the application and make it feel more familiar when changing from one version to another. other.

WhatsApp Web news

Status updates

Can Uploading and creating posts to your statuses will be possible in the new WhatsApp Web update. Today this feature is in beta phase, but very soon it will be available to all users. In this case, we can now include our multimedia files from the PC and write the text we want in the function of sharing status updates, as implemented in the version for smartphones.

In accordance with WhatsApp policy, privacy conditions will also be established in the web browser, guaranteeing the end to end encryption, which reinforces the improvement of private security. In this way, the platform offers a unified and versatile experience in all its versions without the need to continually resort to the mobile phone to carry out these types of procedures.

WhatsApp Web news

If you are one of those who use WhatsApp Web as an alternative to the mobile version, what do you think of the introduction of all these new features? This is an essential formula for be permanently connected to the application. However, the mobile phone is still required to connect through the computer. It is possible that soon we will see a radical change in this regard.