What’s new on WhatsApp: animated emojis to respond to statuses and interact with your contacts

802929744 236887233 1200x630.jpg
802929744 236887233 1200x630.jpg

WhatsApp gives another great use to the avatars that have been created for months to animate them for responses to statuses.

Meta avatars were announced in the summer by WhatsApp as a simple and fun way to identify yourself in the app with the user’s own image. There are many apps and platforms that already use them to present a more animated and expressive image of the user. Now the most used chat app in Spain is testing with another new experience to reply to messages of State.

WhatsApp now allows you to use the function of creating an avatar through AI through the app and even you can use your own photo so that an animated image of the user is generated. It is not that it is something really new, since avatars have been on Facebook and other apps for a few years now, but the arrival of artificial intelligence has made it possible to create avatars that perfectly identify the most characteristic features of the person or user.

If this new experience arrived for the first time in beta version of WhatsApp for Android, it is now beginning to be deployed in another version. Prepares for the final version and It has some limitations on the number of emojis that can be used with the created avatar to respond to user statuses.

Only 8 emojis can be used from the avatar created by the app and the best of all is that it now offers the option to respond with animated avatars, leaving static ones as another available option. The expressions are from eyes with hearts, a contagious laughter, crying, one for anger or thumbs of both hands upwards. They can be seen perfectly in the screenshot shared by WaBetaInfo.

The ability to use animated avatars to respond to statuses is now available in the iOS version as well as the Android version in beta. The goal of WhatsApp is encourage those interactions across states which now share the same space with channel updates, another of the biggest novelties of the chat app so far this year.

Capture of animated WhatsApp avatars to respond to a status

Can create an avatar from WhatsApp settings. And now it has its own section along with some of the most important functions of the app. The ability to create an avatar from a selfie photo is not yet available in all regions, but it should not take long to arrive, since it saves all the time necessary to choose the different features of the user and in a matter of seconds you have a almost exact copy of the person.

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