Hells Angels form a funeral procession with hundreds of motorcycles

hells angels form a funeral procession with hundreds of motorcycles
hells angels form a funeral procession with hundreds of motorcycles

A Hells Angels funeral procession, comprised of hundreds of motorcycles, is a somber and impressive display of solidarity as members come together to pay their respects to a fallen comrade. With disciplined formations and a deep sense of brotherhood, these processions honor the memory of the departed while showcasing the unity and respect within the motorcycle club. At the Hells Angels rocker and motorcycle club, solidarity lasts until the very end. On Saturday, over 700 guests took part in the funeral of a Gelmer resident. Most of them with their motorcycles. The bikers came from all over Germany and the Netherlands. The impressive funeral procession was accompanied by the police.

The undertakers from the Münster company Averbeck picked him up from the clubhouse in Nordhorn, where the deceased was laid out, in a stylish vintage hearse. Inside you could see the white coffin with gold writing. “The club expressly requested this,” explained one of the undertakers, who was also impressed by how many people accompanied the deceased on his final journey.

An exceptional situation – also for the undertaker

“We were received very hospitably in Nordhorn,” says the undertaker, who explains that he has never attended a funeral like this before. Around 600 motorcycles – and the Pontiac Starchief, built in 1958 with the wife of the deceased – accompanied the funeral procession to Gelmer. The bikers parked on a specially cordoned-off meadow next to the cemetery.

Everything was perfectly organized – right down to the toilet truck. Motorcycles were also neatly parked in rows at the Alte Schifffahrt. Many mourners wore T-shirts with the deceased’s likeness and the words “Angels Never Die.” The deceased’s motorcycle was parked at the entrance to the cemetery.

Onlookers, rockers and neighbors at the funeral service

Not only rockers, but also neighbors in black suits paid their last respects to the Gelmer native. Numerous onlookers came – after all, there has never been a funeral service like this in the history of the district. According to the police, everything remained peaceful; there were only a few traffic disruptions caused by the funeral procession.

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