This is the great Microsoft app that you need to protect your accounts

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Microsoft Authenticator is one of the best apps for two-step verification, and it supports more external platforms.

It is very important to protect as much as possible the passwords that are used daily in the accounts of the different online platforms that are used, and Spain is a country that is increasingly aware of the risk of being a victim of the theft of one of these keys. .

Experts recommend using mechanisms such as two-step verification to avoid losing access to accounts, and it can be a great method to prevent someone from accessing them, even if you know the password. There are several ways to carry out this verificationsince it can be done by SMS message or by an external application.

Microsoft has one of these applications called Microsoft Authenticator, and thanks to it you can protect access to various platforms such as Facebook or Githubamong other compatible ones that also accept this option.

Protect your account with Microsoft

Two-step verification means that in addition to entering the password correctly to access an account, a second verification method is also necessary, which in this case consists of use a verification app from a trusted device, like the mobile phone or the tablet. This verification app will show a code that changes every so often and that will have to be entered after the password.

In this way, it becomes very difficult for a cybercriminal to sneak into one of our accounts. In fact, this method is more secure than SMS verification, since there are times when SMS can be seen even on the lock screen.

Microsoft Authenticator

Of course, you must keep in mind that the platform on which you want to activate must be compatible with this verification and support the use of external verification apps, like this one. To activate it, simply go to the settings of the platform on which you want to use it, such as Facebook, and in the login settings, activate two-factor authentication or two-step verification. It can change its name depending on the website on which it is used.

After that, now we just have to connect it with our Microsoft account by scanning a QR code through the application. Once both applications are connected, every time the user logs into said platform, after entering the password correctly, You will be directed to a page that uses the code that appears at that moment in the Authenticator app.

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