Toyota stands up to Tesla: works on a battery for electric cars with 1,200 km of autonomy

Toyota stands up to Tesla: works on a battery for electric cars with 1,200 km of autonomy
toyota stands up to tesla: works on a battery for

Tesla It has become the great reference when buying an electric car. Or a car in general, since the Model Y positioned itself as the best-selling vehicle in the world, surpassing emblematic models of combustion engines such as the Toyota Corolla. But the Japanese manufacturer has not hesitated to respond. And how!

More than anything because, as reported by Reuters, Toyota is going to present its new high-performance solid-state batteries that will significantly improve the autonomy of its next generation of electric cars, in addition to reducing production costs, making that the cheap electric cars are closer than ever.

As reported by the Japanese manufacturer, the idea of ​​these new next-generation batteries is very different from the usual one. And he acknowledges that he had fallen behind his rivals, especially Tesla, so they have set to work to make a leap in quality.

New roadmap for Toyota

The Japanese firm wants a total redesign of its factories, to bet on a system that effectively reduces manufacturing costs. A plan that will first go through the annual meeting of shareholders before starting to change the entire system.

And watch out for the most interesting news: aims to launch next-generation lithium-ion batteries from 2026 that offer longer ranges and faster charging. Or what is the same, more autonomy and reduce the charging time.

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As if that were not enough, Toyota has achieved a “technological breakthrough” that will considerably reduce degradation problems in electric car batteries. The objective of the firm is that in 2027 or 2028 these new batteries arrive.

Yeah, It takes three years to finish developing these new solid-state batteries, but they stand out for having more energy than current liquid electrolyte batteries. And these batteries could exceed 1,200 kilometers of autonomy, a high figure, when compared to the best current Tesla (the Model Y) in terms of autonomy and which does not exceed 530 kilometers of autonomy.

An electric vehicle powered by a solid-state battery would have a range of 1,200 km and a charge time of just 10 minutes, Toyota said. Again, it beats the best Tesla Supercharger and its 15-minute super-fast charge for a range of 200 miles.


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