We tested the Motorola G84 5G: an ambitious mid-range mobile that does not reach 300 euros in Spain

In short, the moto G84 5G is the mobile phone Motorola’s claim in Spain. At its price of 299 euros, it offers a pOLED screen, 256 GB of internal memory, 12 GB of RAM, two high-quality rear cameras, a 5,000 mAh battery, water resistance, a decent fast charge and that special design with the Viva Magenta color, it is simply the ideal Android smartphone to give as a gift next Christmas at this price. Even for yourself, since it offers premium features that other brands would have to go at other prices.

Now we have to know if Motorola will continue going along this line next year with a smartphone that has everything at this great price (without going to the premium category). This series is going to once again powerfully draw the attention of Spanish users who may be a little fed up with the increase in prices in some manufacturers who had accustomed them to not scratching their pockets so much. And yes, Motorola returns, and with great force.

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