WhatsApp has problems: WhatsApp Web is down for many users in Spain

whatsapp has problems whatsapp web is down for many users.jpg
whatsapp has problems whatsapp web is down for many users.jpg

The version of WhatsApp that can be used from desktop computers has been down, leaving many Spanish users unable to access the service.

One of the most important applications in Spain, if not the most, is WhatsApp, so when the service goes down, many users are affected. Today has been the case, with an incidence that is being replicated throughout the country but that, on this occasion, is not affecting the applications, but rather the web version.

For a few years now, WhatsApp has allowed us to use its service from a web browser, so that any device with one can access our chat history. This protocol has programming differences with desktop or mobile applicationsand on occasions like this we see that they can cause it to fall in part but not completely, as has happened on other occasions.

The failures have been reported since 8 in the morning peninsular Spanish time, but they are increasing and, at 11 in the morning, they were already three times more numerous than first thing in the morning. The main cities affected are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga.

This distribution of failures may suggest that It is most noticeable where companies use it most. These are four large cities, where it is more common to use the web version even while we are on the computer, not using mobile apps.

It has been verified that both smartphone and desktop apps seem to work without problems, or at least no problems have been reported at the moment. As can be seen in the graph provided by Downdetector, the reports have been increasing massively throughout the morning, more than normal due to the increase in activity typical of those hours.

Incidents on WhatsApp by hour

The only thing that can be done is wait for service to be restored or use apps. Both Windows and Mac have native WhatsApp applications, which can be installed on computers, being more fluid and consuming fewer resources than the web version. The one for Windows can be downloaded from the Microsoft store. Apple’s is in the Mac AppStore.

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