With its latest update, this famous smartwatch charges the battery more slowly

with its latest update this famous smartwatch charges the battery.jpg
with its latest update this famous smartwatch charges the battery.jpg

Normally we are used to firmware updates providing performance improvements, new functions or additions of interest. But the smartwatch we are talking about in this news, a very famous model, has suffered something different due to its latest firmware: a reduction in loading speed of your battery.

We don’t exactly have good news for owners of a Google Pixel Watch, since as confirmed in the company’s own documents published online, the charging speed of the smartwatch has been reduced with the latest update received by the device. Of course, to who uses this watchthey must not have been amused.

From 80 to 110 minutes

The reduction in speed in the load that the device has suffered is not exactly a small thing. This information is available on the Pixel Watch specifications page, so it is completely true as you can see by visiting its website. Now, charging from 0 to 50% requires 45 minutes, while before the update the smartwatch could reach the same battery level in just half an hour.

When it comes to going from 0 to 80%, the time needed is now 75 minutes instead of the 55 minutes it used previously. And lastly, fully charging the device requires 110 minutes instead of 80 minutes that the owners of this smart watch were accustomed to investing previously. In comparison to this, the recently launched Pixel Watch 2 offers these three charging levels in the following time periods: 30 minutes, 43 minutes and 75 minutes. That is, now Pixel Watch 2 users can say that their watch charges faster than the first generation model, although previously, they would have tied for the first charging stage.

Why has it happened?

In fact, it is said that these updated speed levels are what some users of the device were already experiencing previously. Google mentions that the latest firmware version they have issued This is what has forced them to update the speed levels on their specifications page. They affirm, at the same time, that this information they have provided is what represents the standard that most users of the original Pixel Watch will experience.

However, it is obvious that things are not very clear and that there are many unknowns. It is said that the Pixel Watch was getting too hot and, as a result, it now appears to have lower battery charging performance. This prevents the watch from reaching as high a temperature level as before. There are also those, of course, who wonder if what Google has done is related to giving a little boost to the launch of the new model. Because perhaps they want to highlight how well the battery charging of the Pixel Watch 2 works and have no problem pushing the previous version back a little. And if, as some users say, this change has been happening for months, haswhat are the reasons And why hadn’t Google said anything about it?

The lack of transparency in Google’s decision to alter the battery charging speed doesn’t help either. It is not well understood what the purpose is beyond the assumptions, nor They have not provided specific data either. of the entire process. At the same time, it must be remembered that the first generation Pixel Watch is still in stock and has not been removed from the market even though its successor is already available. Yes, it has received a price reduction, but it is not high enough for users who had doubts to run out and get a unit. Do you have a Pixel Watch and have you noticed this change in battery charge?

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