Movistar has its fiber with 1 Gb at a price of 600 Mbps for a short time

movistar has its fiber with 1 gb at a price of 600 mbps for a short time
movistar has its fiber with 1 gb at a price of 600 mbps for a short time

Having 1 Gbps on Movistar right now costs much less, although it is one of those temporary offers that can end at any time. In fact, the blue operator sets March 31 as the deadline. So it is possible that it will not be renewed again or, on the contrary, that it will extend the promotion for another month. In any case, you now have 1 Gb at the price of 600 Mbps .

When contracting an Internet-only rate, not only the price matters, but also the fiber speed that you will enjoy. In this case, the Spanish operator ensures up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical fiber for its clients. In addition, it is one of the operators that, in addition to the Internet, provides a fixed line to its users. And the best of all is that it is one of the few that does not have permanence .

1,000 Mbps for €10 less

Movistar fiber does not always have a discount. For example, in its Internet-only catalog, the truth is that only the option with 1,000 Mbps fiber is discounted . With this current promotion, the Spanish operator puts this rate at the same price as its plan with 600 Mbps. So you can get up to 400 Mbps more for much less.

It must be taken into account that the fiber rate with 1 Gb has a usual price of €45.90 since January 15, 2024. However, with this temporary offer from Movistar it remains at 10 euros less every month (during an entire quarter). Therefore, starting from the fourth month, the price of this Internet-only plan returns to normal.

So that you can get an idea of ​​what Movistar‘s 1 Gbps rate offers, these are the main features of this operator’s Internet-only plan:

  • 1 Gbps symmetrical fiber.
  • Landline with unlimited calls to other landlines and 50 minutes for national mobile phones.
  • The Smart WiFi router is included in the rate, in addition to free, personalized installation for customers.

The fiber-only conditions in Movistar

Now, you also have to know the commercial conditions set by the blue operator for this temporary promotion. First of all, the price, which is not final and lasts 3 months. On the other hand, it must also be clear that fiber installation is free, so you do not have to meet a permanence commitment as occurs in other telephone companies.

In addition to the above, the operator clarifies that this offer is incompatible for all those users who have unsubscribed from the Internet in the 30 days prior to trying to contract this rate. Just as it is not compatible with previous promotions on any of its fiber products. And you have to keep in mind that it supposedly ends on March 31, 2024 . Although it would not be the first nor the last time that Movistar decides to renew this promo from its fiber-only catalog.

Regarding calls, other conditions are set . For example, the flat rate for calls does not include calls to special numbers such as 902, 901, 060, etc., nor do those with additional pricing, such as 905, 80X, among others. Furthermore, if there is an excess of calls to mobile phones, the call establishment price is €0.35 and the price per minute is €0.25, VAT included in both cases.

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