Vision Pro a product that will set trends despite its price (Opinion)

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On June 5, with British punctuality, Apple began one of the most impressive WWDC in the company’s history. New devices such as various Macs (Pro, 15-inch MacBook Air, and Studio) were introduced. The rumors regarding the new software came true, but above all the company’s dream of publicizing its virtual reality glasses, which it called VisionPro. That they are only the beginning of something very big.

Like a superhero, the Vision Pro will be the saviors of an undeveloped market

Apple has presented what can be and will be the perfect virtual reality glasses. Well, maybe not perfect, but certainly better than the ones on the market right now, yes.

Many will think that it is easy to get something better than what is on the market right now, having the experience of what already exists as an advantage. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can look at what’s on the market but beating it sometimes is hard but It seems that for Apple it is sewing and singing.

With wonderful features, the Vision Pro have already become, without a doubt, the launch of 2023 and will be the trend in 2024 and they will mark the path to be followed by the other companies that will want to have something similar to what Apple already has on the market.

It seems that there have never been similar glasses on the market. It’s as if Apple invented them. Ok, I admit that it may have a certain advantage to know what the rest have done, but those who have already tried the Vision Pro say that it is that have nothing to do with what exists and that is why they deserve applause and the expectation of being the one who opens the way for the future.

Made with the more premium materials They have taken into account every detail so that the user can be comfortable with its use. The first and most significant thing is that they cannot be used with glasses, so the lenses must be ordered corrected for that prescription, something that will make it comfortable. But it is also that the adjustment of the cameras and sensors will be millimeter thanks to the use of the iPhone that will geometrically adjust the glasses to the face.

Once adjusted and taking into account that the battery is external so that it does not weigh too much on the head, we will perhaps have the first of the problems. Two hours of use is little and although it can be used plugged into the network, the ideal is not that. But that means that it will lead the way and that one of the tasks to be carried out is to increase that duration of use.

First impressions from people who have been lucky enough to try the device are very encouraging. So much so that it makes you want to have the glasses in our hands. Which, by the way, is another drawback. It has been presented on June 5 but it is not likely, even remotely, that not be seen before 2024. You have to wait at least 6 months and that there are no problems.

Maybe in that period of time, we will get lucky and some of the features that have not been implemented or some of the things that we see now as not so good, will be corrected in order to have an almost perfect device the first time. Which is not usual, far from it.

Now, the biggest problem is undoubtedly the price. $3,500 that’s a lot of money to spend on something that’s the first version. But seen in another way, it would be the one with the most value, because the first versions are the ones that are later listed the most and if not, tell the Apple I.

It is a price that very few will be able to pay. A high price that may not be up to the device itself. But Apple is like that. Because it seems that with the prices of now, we have returned to the past. Where it was said that apple products were only for rich.

In short, that is a high price, yes. They will sell a lot of glasses, I’m sure they will. That the rest of us will see them from afar and We will search the second hand marketof course.

Only the foundations have been laid. The bases of something very big and with a lot of potential.