Top 5 Must-Have PC Accessories for Enhanced Productivity


PC accessories are just as important as the right hardware. We will introduce you to five ingenious gadgets that are particularly suitable.

If you buy a new computer, or if you are really interested in it, you can spend practically forever adapting it to your preferences and wishes on a technical level. But much more important is actually the right PC accessories , which are often neglected once the tower is at the desk. We will therefore clarify for you here which is particularly worthwhile.

The right setup of your desk or your workplace can have an immense impact on your everyday life and its quality. Of course, which parts you build into your computer is at least as important. But at the end of the day, it’s the PC accessories that save you a lot of work and physical stress like tension or the like.

Starting with the right counterpart in the form of a monitor, through to a possibly even mechanical keyboard and at best an ergonomic, durable mouse, helpful accessories for the PC should be known. But what about other ingenious gadgets that you might not have had on your radar? There are many examples:

  • Cross-table desk pad or oversized mouse pad
  • heated coaster
  • reusable tape for attaching cables etc.
  • cheap speakers
  • improved castors for the chair
  • Macropad
  • high quality WiFi router
  • Motherboard with WiFi
  • independent stand microphone
  • table reinforcement plates
  • larger table top
  • reinforced table legs
  • Monitor arms, stands and risers
  • USB hub and switches
  • Hooks and stands for cables, headsets, etc.
  • Cable management accessories
  • wireless and ergonomic peripherals
  • side table
  • ergonomic PC chair
  • keyboard tray
  • LED strip or light bar for the monitor
  • Footrest
  • desk with adjustable height

In these directions, too, there are some sensible additions that are worth taking a look at. In the following, we will introduce you to five particularly exciting gadgets.

Macropad and Volume Control

Even if you don’t plan to start streaming video game and web content anytime soon, you might find a Macropad worth your while. A particularly popular model is the so-called Stream Deck from Elgato, which helps you switch back and forth between applications with ease.

The clever PC accessories are also ideal for adjusting certain controls. Not only do you save time, but you always have your most used apps, games and functions at your fingertips.

The same applies to a volume control. This allows you to assign dedicated controls to specific applications on your computer, giving you much more in-depth control over your PC’s audio playback. Annoying pushing up and down in the Windows volume mixer is a thing of the past. In addition, in heated battles while playing, you can quickly switch the sound relevant to you, for example exciting dialogues, to other playback sources.

Oversized desk or mouse pad

A huge desk or mouse pad offers a number of advantages over its competitors in standard sizes. The oversized desk pad not only provides continuous space, which is required for fast and long movements with the mouse, but also provides sufficient protection for your table.

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In addition, keyboards or similar accessories no longer slip across the entire surface if you accidentally bump into them. Even inexpensive desk pads are durable PC accessories, but ideally you should choose a branded product from leading peripheral manufacturers. An example of this can be found in the XXL mouse pad from SteelSeries, the QCK+:

USB hub and switches

A helpful USB hub not only expands the number of ports available to you on your PC. The accessories also make it easy to replace or freshly integrate new gadgets that you want to connect to your computer.

If you frequently switch back and forth between several active PCs at your desk, for example because you use one computer for work and the other for private purposes, a switch or hub for USB, but also HDMI or other connections is worthwhile particularly. So you can always use your usual peripherals without having to reconnect or change the cables every time.

Stand Microphone

With a stand microphone you not only upgrade the sound quality of your voice, but also your personal comfort. You are no longer forced to wear a headset on your head while speaking.

A much more decisive advantage of the helpful PC accessories, however, is the possibility from now on to proceed according to completely different criteria when selecting your headset. You are no longer dependent on an integrated microphone and can opt for lighter or higher-quality headphones without one. Inexpensive, but qualitatively completely sufficient standing microphones are available from around 50 euros. You can find a suitable one at Blue, for example:

Light bar for the monitor

An LED light bar that you attach to your monitor can also turn out to be a particularly useful PC accessory. An advantage here is not only that you prevent potential eyestrain in the best case, but also that additional lighting on your desk can provide ideal lighting for surfing and gaming.

Most options can be dimmed in their luminosity as desired. Solid models are available from around 15 euros, but we recommend spending a little more money and opting for a more luxurious model. As a strong representative, we have selected the Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar for you, which is one of the most popular of its kind on Amazon:

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