AirPods Max: Again failures due to condensation

Apple’s AirPods Max currently cost over 500 euros in stores. The high-end over-ear headphones from the iPhone manufacturer should actually always work well. However, there are climatic conditions in which this is not always the case: when there is particularly high humidity – for example in tropical regions.

A problem especially in summer

There were corresponding reports from those affected shortly after the devices appeared in early 2021 . Now they can be read again in various forums. The IT blog 404 Media has also invented its own name for the problem: “Condensation Death” , death by condensation. The phenomenon occurs inside the AirPods Max, more precisely: in the area of ​​the ear cups behind the removable pads. There are metal surfaces here that, under certain circumstances, fog up and then form visible condensation. If this runs further into the sensitive electronics, it can lead to short- to long-term damage.

The problem even occurs if you don’t move any further or even dare to do sports with the AirPods Max, which Apple expressly advises against. Affected users have meanwhile filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, which is going through the courts in California. It states that the AirPods Max have a “latent physical defect [that] causes condensation to build up in the AirPods Max’s earcups, often after as little as an hour or more of normal use.” At the moment there are supposed to be negotiations about an out-of-court solution.

Apple: Condensation more visible on AirPods Max

According to 404 Media, Apple’s lawyers have admitted during the proceedings that there may be certain problems. “Unlike other over-ear headphones, Apple’s AirPods Max earcups are magnetic and detachable, allowing the user to be more aware of moisture left in the ear from body heat (“condensation”) when detaching the earcups.” That means: Apple thinks the error occurs with all headphones.

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Those affected currently only have the option of contacting Apple’s support – and hoping that the group will be accommodating, or that the affected devices are still under warranty, so that the company will replace them. It is currently being speculated that Apple will launch a second series of AirPods Max in the coming year. It is unclear whether this will improve.