This new Google Maps competitor compatible with Android Auto pays you to use it, but it has a trick

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This new mapping application promises to pay its users to drive while using it, and it is compatible with Android Auto.

Although Google Maps and Waze are the best-known map applications available on Android, there are alternatives available in Spain such as Organic Maps or OsMand that try to be the best possible substitute for Google-owned platforms. There are also other apps like Wikiloc that They specialize in a specific uselike the one you do when you go hiking.

Now, after its announcement of official compatibility with Android Auto, there is another alternative that has become relatively popular. Its name is MapMetrics, and promises to pay users for using it to guide you when driving, among other functions, a quite interesting premise.

In addition to this, it has useful features, such as being able to download maps to view them offline, or view traffic information in real time and share routes with other people. With this, it wants to try to compete with Google Maps, which could do with updating in some sections.

Earn money for your data

MapsMetrics’ business model is based on user data. It collects information about users’ locations while driving to improve the app’s maps and directions, and in exchange, it offers money, but in the form of tokens of cryptocurrencieswhich can be exchanged for real money.

It is even possible to increase the amount of these rewards, it is necessary to acquire a Special Position Tracker, or SPT, for its acronym. It is a device that integrates with the app and allows you to increase the profits obtained, guaranteeing better data collection. There are several, each designed to adapt to a type of vehicle and a speed range.


It uses Web3 technology so that data collection is carried out securely, and they guarantee that no personal information will be shared about the users they have in the more than 20 countries in which they are available.

At the level of usability, it does not provide more than what Google Maps or Waze already have, such as the use of offline maps, step-by-step directions to complete a route or offering real-time information about the traffic on said route. It is compatible with Android Auto, so it can be used on the car screen to receive rewards without even having to purchase the SPT.

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