This is the condition that WhatsApp imposes if you want to continue chatting from April 11

this is the condition that whatsapp imposes if you want to continue chatting from april 11
this is the condition that whatsapp imposes if you want to continue chatting from april 11

Mobile application policies change over the years and new European regulations are imposed to prevent monopolies and greater competitiveness among multinationals. In this case, WhatsApp will bring with it a condition that all its users have to accept if they want to continue using the application from now on. Its most radical change is about to be applied and this is how it will affect us.

There is no doubt that if you want to be fashionable and contact your loved ones, there is no choice but to be at the forefront of technology and use the method that has been a trend since its inception, WhatsApp. And not only that, it is also necessary to communicate with your company and even with your doctor, both for calls and instant messages.

But from now on a series of changes will be introduced that will take a 180 degree turn and completely update the conditions of use of the Meta application. Therefore, if you want to continue using all its functions, you will have no choice but to accept the new law imposed by the European Union.

WhatsApp, forced to renew its conditions

The European authorities have gone to work to prevent predominant market situations from occurring in which one company is the only one that is making a profit above the others. And it is not the first time that they have acted on a technological giant, such as Meta, but it has also adjusted some high performances on other companies in the sector, such as Apple or Amazon. Therefore, this is not welcomed by Europe and the fairest thing is to impose a series of requirements to avoid the disappearance of competition.

Thus, the Digital Markets law will establish the stipulated regulations so that everyone can continue using the WhatsApp application as of April 11 , accepting the new access policies and adapting to the new forms of communication between users.

What does this clause consist of?

In this way, a new interoperability system will be agreed upon , that is, any user will be able to exchange messages from WhatsApp to third-party platforms, such as Telegram, without the need for the recipient to have a registered account in the Meta app. However, the company has assured that this will cause its security to be affected, since it uses an end-to-end encryption mechanism and points out that other services should implement the same feature, just as Signal does.

In the event that WhatsApp fails to comply with this clause at any time, it will be fined with a 10% reduction in its global profits . But the user side will also be affected if the obligations imposed by European laws are not approved.

Be that as it may, this interoperability does not seem to be implemented imminently, since this procedure could be delayed for several months until it begins to be fully implemented in all member countries and the agreements between applications become effective sooner than later. late.


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