Google Assistant will remove more than a dozen features to improve its performance: here’s what changes

google assistant will remove more than a dozen features to.webp.webp.webp
google assistant will remove more than a dozen features to.webp.webp.webp
Typically, when companies announce improvements to their software products through an update, it usually includes bug fixes and new features. It is less common that instead of adding functions, companies subtract them but that’s exactly what Google is doing with Assistant.

The reason, according to the company, is to improve the operation and performance of its intelligent virtual assistant. The search giant has announced that More than a dozen Assistant features will be removed which, they claim, are some of the least used, in order to offer a better assistant experience. Less is more, some would say.

Fewer features in Assistant, for better performance

The most important changes in Assistant include:

  • It will no longer be possible to read audiobooks from Google Play Books
  • Music or radio alarms cannot be configured on devices with support for Google Assistant either.
  • It will not be possible to use your voice to

    Google says these are just some of the features and functions that have been affected, although they don’t explain exactly how removing these possibilities improves the experience. However, again, this may be related to concentrate efforts on the most used functions.

    The company has also changed the way in which Assistant can be accessed from the Google app and from the search bar. Previously, pressing the microphone-shaped button activated Google’s virtual assistant, but now Pressing that button will start a voice search instead of launching Assistant. According to Google, this is the most used feature.

    All these changes will be available from next January 26. The question we ask ourselves is whether this is related to the integration of Bard, Google’s new artificial intelligence, in Assistant and how it will change the way of using the virtual assistant on mobile phones in the near future.

    More information | Google

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