Spam calls: the trick that will save you from falling into the trap of those unknown numbers

spam calls the trick that will save you from falling.webp.webp.webp
spam calls the trick that will save you from falling.webp.webp.webp

It is enough that you do not expect calls to be bothered by one that, on top of that, comes from an unknown number. And it’s not always a good idea to reject it, it could be from someone who simply you didn’t have it on the agenda yet. Are you considering whether to return the communication or forget it? Make sure first that unknown number was not spambecause you will surely save yourself more than one disappointment.

Spam calls are too common, even if you register on platforms such as the Robinson list (which we recommend, you will reduce to a large extent the annoying communications). And the best thing is that your Android mobile has an excellent tool with which to combat unwanted commercial communications: the Google phone. This app, together with the lists of Spam numbers, make up the best strategy to get rid of these communications.

Say goodbye to spam calls

Spam call filter

Spam call filter in the Google phone app

Not all unknown numbers are going to have commercial intentions; so you may not be interested in blocking all communications from outside your contact book: chances are it’s someone you know. Although yes, it is not a bad idea to use the anti-spam options of your phone application. And, as an added recommendation, the Robinson list will help that companies do not contact you if you have not expressed prior

Do you want to make sure that your mobile filters all unwanted communications? The Google phone app, which comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones, is a great ally:

  • Open the phone app on your Android.
  • Click on the three top menu points and click on “Settings”.
  • Go into “Caller ID and spam».
  • Make sure you have both options checked: «View caller ID and spam” and “Filter spam calls».
  • As an extra, if you have a Pixel you can have Google Assistant respond to those communications that you are not interested in responding to: when you see the call on the screen Click on the filter calls button, the one that appears with the wizard icon. The conversation will appear written on your mobile phone and you can decide whether to answer directly or hang up the call.

With the above you will largely avoid being bothered, but the number will still appear in the call list. Google can tell you if any match a company if you pre

Was the missed call Spam? Check it

Spam Calls

Spam calls received and a fraud attempt

You have an unknown number in your call list and you are interested in knowing the reasons why they called you. Since it could be Spam, you might pick up the phone and they end up selling you something you don’t really need. Or worse: There are scams that take advantage of curiosity to commit callback fraud. You should stay alert: if they really have a reason to call you, they will contact you again.

Let’s see. How to know who owns an unknown number and if it is Spam? There are four good ways apart from the phone app.

  • Search the number on Google. The most basic: copy the phone number and paste it into Google. You will surely find information about the person or company behind it.
  • Google Maps. Just like Google, although applied directly to businesses: Maps can tell you who the number belongs to and what its exact location is.
  • spamlist. An excellent directory of commercial numbers with information about the companies, reasons why they call and the opinion of those who received the communications before you. Access the page from this link.
  • Who called? Website similar to the previous one that has an extensive database with business telephone numbers. User feedback will help you take action against future calls: you can visit the page here.

Once you have detected that the number that called you belongs to the Spam category, the best thing you can do is add it to the blocked list on your mobile: hold down on said number in the call list and choose «Block/Mark as Spam». It won’t bother you again.

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