This is how much you can save on your bill if you turn off your router every night

this is how much you can save on your bill if you turn off your router every night
this is how much you can save on your bill if you turn off your router every night

Leaving the router on at night is very normal. And these devices have become computers that never turn off. But, what is clear is that any device that you are connecting to the house’s electrical current will be consuming light throughout the days. For this reason, if you want to clear your doubts and know if it is worth turning it off at night, we will tell you in detail, so you can decide if you can really save something on your electricity bill every month.

Turning off the router is not common, in fact, it usually only happens when connection problems appear. And all because we would be left without Internet and without a landline, since the landline works through VoIP if you have fiber optics at home. For all this, it is not common to turn it off, however, we already know how much you can save approximately if you turn it off at night.

What is the saving by turning off the router?

These devices usually work 24 hours a day, however, at RedesZone they have tested turning it off for 8 hours (for two nights in a row) to compare if it is really worth it. To do this, the only difference compared to other days, regarding the issue of connected devices, is the router. The rest of the devices are still plugged into the power as always.

In this case, to check the hourly electricity consumption you have to go to your electricity company’s website or directly from the app, just as you can check it from the distributor. Although, you also have the option of purchasing a consumption meter , which would make it much easier to know how much you spend each hour. In any case, it is data that can be seen from your company to analyze, as on this occasion, the hourly consumption of the router .

In the tests carried out, the difference is 153 Wh less , on average, during the 8 hours in which the router was turned off overnight. To give us an idea, every hour you could save about 19 Wh on average. With this information, if it is turned off for 8 hours each night, in a month we could save about 4.5 kWh .

What are the savings on the bill? To do the math, it must be clear that it will depend, for example, on the contracted electricity rate. If you have a fixed price for each hour, regardless of whether it is at night or not, you will be able to notice the savings more. In this way, if the kWh has a price of €0.20, in this case you could save €0.90 per month , or in other words, almost 11 euros per year.

Now, the savings also depend on the consumption of each router. And all because consumption will be different depending on the model you have at home. However, it serves to give us an idea of ​​the savings that can be expected by turning off this device every night. In addition, it can also vary if you have it connected to a plug directly or to a power strip.

It must be clear that higher-end routers are going to consume more due to the different technologies they offer. On the other hand, those models that are more basic will not use as much light. So it is a detail that you should take into account if you are looking to save at least a little every month. Although as you have seen, it won’t be much. In this case, there is not much savings, so it would be more advisable to turn off other devices you have at home.


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