This change to Google Maps causes rejection from its users

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pexels photo 5444631.jpeg

Google Maps mobile application

Mobile applications continually receive updates and some improve their performance and appearance, but others do not cause as much acceptance. It is the case of Google Mapsthe developers have decided to change a striking aspect of its interface that has not been liked by its users: the color palette. In fact, one of his arguments is that it is more difficult to visualize the route when we travel by car, because the distinction of colors is too problematic. If you want to know more details about the new changes that the app belonging to Alphabet has implemented, stay to continue reading.

The user community is not very receptive after having experienced changes to the Google Maps application. Even though the changes are not too drastic and are currently in the testing phase, the company has now decided correct color palette establishing a new combination that completely changes their interaction. Thus, through social networks, users have expressed their discomfort upon learning that the mapping tool will modify some of the most striking colors of its interface, such as roads or rivers.

New colors on Google Maps

Google Maps has begun to launch a beta phase of the changes that the application will undergo starting next week. However, several users of online social platforms who have been able to test the new update have argued that they feel uneasy and surprised by the transformation of some of the aspects of the mapping. And it is that are against the new color options.

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For example, roads that were previously white are now represented with shades of gray. The same happens with the color of the water, which until now was blue and will be corrected to a paler color. For their part, the mountain systems reflect a darker green tone, and the travel guide will become a very bright and strident blue color. In these two images you can see the result of the new look of Google Maps. The screenshot on the left corresponds to the new appearance and the one on the right corresponds to its old appearance.

Google Maps new and old

Visibility issues

Reddit users and Twitter have expressed their discontent with the new changes that some have experienced in the trial version of Google Maps. Some commented that now the application is not so comfortable to read and requested that it be returned to the colors that have always characterized it. They also comment that their appearance has worsened considerably because the different components are not clearly seen that represent the map.

According to his statements, roads are harder to distinguish when they are not sufficiently enlarged and, in general, the colors do not help to identify many details of the map because they are at a lower level of shading than they had previously.

Be that as it may, today it is not known for sure why Google has decided to carry out this sudden decision. We just have to wait for the technology giant to listen to the statements of its community to take action on the matter and reintroduce the classic features of Google Maps. Its update is scheduled for the next few days, on a date yet to be determined.

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